For those who know the truth and are taking inspired action

“Never try to fix a broken system.
Create a new one that makes the old one obsolete”

~ Buckminster Fuller

We are creating a Parallel Society where we do what needs to be done to protect our families, preserve our values and our own humanity.

Together We Rise

Our mission is to protect our freedom and our rights with peaceful noncompliance. Life Force Canada is a platform that is made up of Canadians from coast to coast who have volunteered their time and energy to create an empowered and inspiring future for all of us. 

We are in a transitional time. As the old structures and corrupt systems collapse, Life Force Canada will be ready to bring forth many project initiatives within our Nine Pillars listed below. 


Life Force Canada provides guidance and support to assist our members in accessing the resources they require. We invite you to be a part of this movement. Through caring, sharing and networking, we help prepare our members for the intense and exciting changes coming. Sign up below.

The Nine Pillars of Transformation


The greatest level of purpose is to serve humanity and Life Force Canada is seeking members to volunteer their time, creativity and energy. We the People have the power to create new systems that empower our mind, body and soul, which will require participation in Forums to develop the right actions to implement. Join a Forum and help us create solutions!

Truth Media

If you are seeking to create news based in truth, and goodness this is for you.

Energy Alternatives

Are you interested in connecting with others who are sharing old and new energy ideas and resources?  If so, join our Forum by becoming a member below.

Nurturing Our Environment

Support initiatives in protecting our environment and our water supply.

Security and Safety 

We are seeking anyone who is a Veteran or Police Officer who will assist in standing for the people and our rights.

Reimagining Education

Are you passionate about creating an education system that teaches children and adults how to ignite their true potential? Many are exiting the public system – time for change! Sign up below! 

A New Ecomony of Prosperity for All

No more bank fees. No more banks stealing your money. There is a new system being created where you are the CREDITOR!  Together we make it happen. Register today!

Community Based Agriculture

Restructuring of the food supply chain is key as much of our food we consume is dis-ease causing and has been created to dull the mind. We are seeking volunteers to establish and support solid relationships with Farmers, Growers, Ranchers, and Processors in supplying fresh nutritious natural food to communities across Canada. 

Natural Law

We are stepping out of the legal system and into Natural Law – Do No Harm to Others.  Here you will learn how to reclaim your rights as a living man/woman.

Health & Wellbeing

The pharmaceutical industry (the preparer of poison) has been created to disconnect us from our spirit and keep us trapped in the grips of drug addiction. We are seeking those who are passionate about stepping out of the “death culture” medical institutions and create healing centers, and any other resources to help humanity flourish. Join us below.

We Can Only Accomplish this Together!

Get Involved today and Register Below!

For it is fair to warn: All enter as i: [a] man; [or a] woman;