For those who know the truth and are taking inspired action

“Never try to fix a broken system.
Create a new one that makes the old one obsolete”

~ Buckminster Fuller

A man or woman, a business or a community becomes empowered when they create a Private Membership Association (PMA). 

Together We Rise

Our mission is to protect your unalienable rights by taking a walk on the private side.

Our Vision: is to create an expansive directory of communities, towns and businesses with established lawful Private Member Associations across Canada that are based in natural law – Do No Harm.  

Our Purpose: is to share knowledge and information so we can collectively  co-create a new earth together.


Life Force Canada is a platform of Canadians from coast to coast who have volunteered their time and energy to create Private Membership Associations (PMA) businesses and communities who seek to exit the corrupt system.

We are in a transitional time as more and more are waking up to a system that has been depleting our life force energy for decades.  

As the old structures and corrupt systems collapse, we will be ready to bring forth many project initiatives within our Nine Pillars listed below. 

Life Force Canada provides guidance and support to assist our members in accessing the resources they require. We invite you to be a part of this movement. Through caring, sharing and networking, we help prepare our members for the intense and exciting changes coming. Sign up below.

The Nine Pillars of Transformation

The greatest level of purpose is to serve humanity and Life Force Canada is seeking members to volunteer their time, creativity and energy. Towns and Counties in every province will need support in these areas you see below. We the People have the power to create new systems that empower our mind, body and soul. We will require participation in Forums to develop the right actions to implement. Join a Forum and help us create solutions!

We Can Only Accomplish this Together!

Get Involved today!  

All member levels have access to our weekly Monday and Tuesday Connection Calls, our Forums and Telegram Channels which will remain in the Free Domain for now. 



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