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“Never try to fix a broken system.
Create a new one that makes the old one obsolete”

~ Buckminster Fuller

There is a free way to be in this world.

Life Force Canada is here to support your liberation from corrupt and oppressive systems breaking free from debt slavery, whilst living in freedom, self-determination and abundance — in fairer and kinder ways, as we were always meant to live.

We are here to educate you on how to bring your life, your business or your community into the private domain so you can create a free, peaceful, and prosperous life. View our member options below.

You are the Life Force of Canada. 

Together We Rise!


Our Vision: Support men and women to free themselves and create parallel societies through the development of sovereign Private Member Associations, businesses, communities, and towns that have established themselves within the private domain. 

Our Purpose: Co-create a new earth by sharing knowledge and information to collectively exit the corrupt matrix and the 15-minute city agenda. 

Our Strategy: Provide tangible tools and training you can use to unhook or disengage yourself from the control system.

      Phase One: Individual Sovereignty – discharge debts, claim of  rights, and overcoming fear of authority.

  Phase Two: Business/Life Sovereignty  – Create an unincorporated private association to exit your business, your home, your farm, your property, and your livelihood from the public domain (government jurisdiction) and accepting the rights and responsibilities of functioning within the private domain. 

      Phase Three: Community Sovereignty – Learning how to take back your town with the POGG Primer.


Now is the time when more hidden truths will be revealed. Are you prepared for the rapid changes that are coming?  

We are at the crest of the transitional wave and many women and men are expanding their awareness and acknowledging that the current corrupt systems have been depleting our life-force energy for decades.  

As these old structures and corrupt systems collapse, we co-create and bring forth solutions and initiatives within the framework of our Seven Pillars (See image below) to reclaim our inheritance. 

We invite YOU to join our truth-seekers, action-takers, change-makers, and wisdom-keepers and step into your own sovereignty.

Life Force Canada provides education, guidance, and support to assist you, our members, to access the resources you require.

Through caring, sharing, and networking, we help prepare you for the intense and exciting changes that are underway.

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Sovereign Living Conference

Calgary, Alberta

September 14 & 15 2024

We either live in a United Nations town and acquiesce to their 15-Minute City depopulation agenda OR we create Sovereign Towns and Take Back Our Authority!  

Because we don’t know exactly what’s coming, time is of the essence, so let’s get started together! This goes far beyond food prepping and concern about access to utilities. This is about claiming your jurisdiction and LIVING ABOVE THE LINE.  It is time to learn new skills and let go of any belief that some politician is going to save us.  

We have two member options available. Both the Free Member and Private Member include access to our Monday Connection, newsletters and telegram links. Our Private Members meet every Tuesday evening. 


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