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By Karen Hanna

Choose Your Best Life at Blue Wing Retreat

On my first visit, I immediately fell in love with the serenity, and the aliveness of the 2000+ acre property where Danny Perrin has farmed for nearly 30 years. And the first time I heard the loons on the water while sitting on the front deck of the house, I knew I was ‘home’.

Creating our New Earth

Blue Wing is friendly, warm, and inviting. We provide a supportive environment where short term retreat participants or long-term intentional community members can:

  • Watch the sunset
  • Engage with the elementals and the plant kingdom
  • Walk barefoot in the grass
  • Hug a tree
  • Sit by the bonfire and gaze at the stars

Blue Wing is in the Parkland Region of Manitoba, home to some of the largest green space wilderness parks in western Manitoba: grasslands, forests, and lakes.

We are part of a vast network of awakened ones around our planet who are co-creating and self-organizing into self-reliant communities. We support regenerative agriculture, local community economics, natural systems and natural law, and the blossoming of our New Earth.

We promote natural healing, happiness, contributionism, entrepreneurship, and artistic expression.

Stay and Play at Blue Wing

Danny Perrin and I live in a 4-bedroom home with abundant natural light, air purifying plants and full spectrum lighting. The lower level provides a walk out to the west facing back yard lawn and garden area. There is a guest room, sitting room, washroom, and healing studio / rejuvenation clinic on the lower level.

We provide short term accommodation for retreat participants in our guest room, RV, and lake house with more “rooms with a view” planned in 2023 and beyond.

During the spring, summer, and fall, you can bring a tent, RV or trailer and set up camp in a private treed area on our expansive property.

Community members who choose to make Blue Wing their home will choose a housing option to suit their specific needs and budget.

We have a library, raised bed vegetable gardens, outdoor seating areas, solar lighting, composting, blue skies, green grass, wildlife, fireside chats, outdoor recreation (dance parties, walking, hiking, biking, exploring) and more!

Some of our development projects include sunroom, permaculture / edible landscape design, geodesic dome greenhouse, beekeeping, wildflower meadow, medicine wheel garden, meditation labyrinth, root cellar, dandelion wine, microgreens business, dock for canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding on the lake.

One of the delights of farm life is our deep connection with the natural world. Our daily activities are guided by the seasons and the rhythms of nature. Nature always has your back and is often the place where the changes you are asking for can quickly turn into reality. Nature is our classroom. She is big, roomy, and out of control.

We love to prepare simple yet elegant and wholesome meals with locally or organically sourced ingredients when possible. Join us for morning tea or coffee on the deck. Or late afternoon drinks and conversation. Picnic lunches. Fresh garden vegetables. Community dinners under the trees. Home baked artisan breads.

Our solo or small group retreat experiences are designed to shift, change, and transform lives. Here you can unwind, heal your body, and live your best life!

  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Farm Work Stays
  • Camping & Glamping
  • Rejuvenation Clinic / Day Spa
  • Backyard Day Retreats
  • Movie Nights
  • Foraging and wildcrafting
  • Local farm tours
  • Bonfires and star gazing
  • Nature trail walks
  • Campfires, BBQ dinners
  • Pet Therapy (happy farm animals)

Natural Health & Wellness

I moved to Manitoba in 2019 with decades of experience as a natural wellness practitioner in Alberta. 

I am a certified clinical aromatherapist with training in many different natural healing modalities. I offer private healing sessions with clients and have taught hundreds of classes and workshops. I also provide health and business coaching.

In our clinic and spa at Blue Wing, we offer a full menu of aromatherapy and holistic bodywork treatments as well as Access Consciousness hands on body processes. We love to work with happy bodies!

Nearby Adventures and Exploration

  • Riding Mountain National Park
  • Assessippi Ski Resort
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Local farm and garden visits / homestead tours
  • Museums and heritage sites
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Water activities at Lake of the Prairies
  • Cycling tours on paved country roads
  • Community concerts, festivals, and farmers markets


What lights us up is collaborating with other beings of like mind and heart for joy filled life experiences and adventures.

If Blue Wing calls to you, if it makes your heart sing; we invite you to contact us to arrange a complimentary stay and a guided tour of our property. Discover for yourself if country living, and community is for you.

Tell us about your gifts and talents.  And how you might contribute to the actualization of a sacred space where 10-20 conscious beings freely choose to live, work, and play in communion with the earth and the elements.

  • We are located close to the NW corner of Riding Mountain National Park.
  • 20–30-minute drive to the nearest small towns (Inglis or Roblin)
  • 60–90-minute drive to the nearest cities. (Dauphin or Yorkton)
  • 30-minute drive north of Highway 16
  • Two-hour drive north of TransCanada Highway 1.
  • 4-hour drive north of Winnipeg
  • 2–3-hour drive to the airport (Brandon or Regina)


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