About Life Force Canada

Life Force is the Essence, Source, Substance of ALL LIFE that binds humans,
animals and the earth. We are here to assist in liberating and empowering
every man and woman by co-creating a free and prosperous future for all.


As you are well aware, there is a global agenda to destroy the fabric of society. 

Did you know, Canada has never been a country? It is a corporation and this corporation has now been dissolved. There has never been a constitution in Canada and it is up to the people of this land we call Canada to create their own constitution based on Natural Law – Do No Harm to Others. 

If you are feeling anxiety, depression, anger, betrayal or fear regarding the state of our world, or stressing about the future then Life Force Canada is here for you.

At Life Force Canada we know that no one is safe if we surrender our rights and freedoms.  

The enemy is not just our corrupt and fraudulent rulers. It is apathy, ignorance and division. The human race has been divided to weaken and control us. We have been fed lies about our history, our science, our abilities, our rights, our governments, our religions and our origin.  We have been drugged against our will in our water, food and air. We have been programmed and poisoned against each other to fight amongst ourselves so that we never fully realize our own self-worth, our own unique power and individual gifts. 

We are actually the ones paying to be enslaved causing doubt and fear and creating a disconnect between our potential and our current perception of reality.

You do not escape by fighting it (resistance) but by removing yourself from it.


The CHANGE must come from the PEOPLE. Life Force Canada is here to unite all those who are awake and aware and are ready to take inspired action and be a force for GOOD. 

Life Force Canada is a pathway where we get to DEFINE the life we want by activating the HUMAN SPIRIT, our Life Force Energy.  When the illusion of our limits are dissolved and we acknowledge the best version of ourselves we will be unstoppable.

Life Force Canada is bringing back Natural Law which is based on Do No Harm to Others and it applies to all inhabitants in this realm and beyond. This principle is innate within every sentient being. Therefore, all life must be engaged with love, respect and purpose, considering the role each of us plays in the overall ecosystem of our environment.

Honesty, integrity, openness, resilience, spiritual strength and the ability to empower others will be qualities that will be increasingly respected and sought after. True leadership needs to reflect this going forward.


Our mission is to empower our towns and communities by demonstrating a new model of living based in Natural Law and offer a private membership model which can be replicated. 

Life Force Canada is about connecting like-minded men and women who want to be a part of the change.  We are creating THINK TANKS which focus on the restoration of Nine Pillars. Join us in creating solutions below! 

The Time to Act is Now.