In January 2023, members of Life Force Canada took part in a backcasting exercise to experience what the world would look like in 2030.

Backcasting is a planning method that starts with defining a desirable future and then works backwards to identify a path that will connect the desired future to the present time.

We visualized ourselves in the year 2030 and then shared what we experienced from that timeline. We hope you like our future perspectives in regard to the advancements the freedom movement has made in health, agriculture, energy, economy, media, any and all of our nine pillars.


Humans on Mother Earth are Thriving! 

The vegetation and animals respond to the changes in our environment.  We have developed our telepathy capabilities and we are communicating with animals and plants in a much clearer and better ways.

The New Earth is an example to the whole galaxy of what living in love and harmony looks like!!!

Overall reduction of toxicity in the environment. Clear blue skies now!


The end of media manipulation dropped a ‘truth bomb’ on humanity and the emerging new media is able to focus on the three key areas to inform, educate and entertain. Without the parasitic middlemen, independent creators are flourishing and enlightening humanity with their talents and skills. New distribution platforms are spreading the “good news” and “light” has been restored to the cinematic industry.

Levels of consciousness have risen, and more people are accessing the “spiritual internet” and are also benefitting from the quantum manifestation protocols.

The truth was now unstoppable. We have free and independent media!

Natural Law 

Life is beautiful and humans feel safe, a sense of belonging and are living purposeful lives! 

Those seeking freedom united in the realization that the old systems were not fixable.  Our mission is to protect our freedom and our rights with peaceful noncompliance

There has been a ground swell of movement away from the dehumanization and suffering.

We experienced the demise of organizations and ideologies that created separation and division.

People began to take the steps to reclaim their sovereignty. We created new societal systems based on natural law and sovereignty, leaving the old corrupt systems to shrivel and disappear.

Systems, and skills for establishing local self-governance and sustainability were established. It was now a more receptive population, softened by desperation as well a huge dose of reality.

The clean-up, after centuries of massive abuse on our planet and all living things continues still.  we are seeing accelerated signs of recovery. 

Millions of communities organized and governed themselves the taking back of power. All were joined together, no separation, no coercion, no controllers.

Today we are flourishing, and we live in peace, harmony, and unity with all life in the new Earth.

Humanity has moved into a timeline of self-determination and self-responsibility.

We are building a world focused on love and caring for the new Earth and all who live here.

Private Associations

Many are leaving the public domain created and controlled by government officials.  They started a movement to connect with each other in the private domain and to do business together.  Ignored initially by the controllers, this movement gained traction as more came together creating loving communities that focused on meeting each other’s needs. 

The private domain took back natural wellness, farming using natural and healthy methods, children being educated in harmony with nature and so much more.    

The natural economy supplanted the command economy that was created by the controllers.  This resulted in the restoration of a free market economy in which each man and woman today, is free to make their own decisions about which products, goods, and services they choose to offer as well as connecting with those offering products, goods, and services they desire.

Yet today, private associations help us relate to each other in a much healthier way. Ending separation, crippling competition, and control.  Alliances were created for us to support each other – food alliances, health alliances, education alliances and eventually they all joined together in hubs to support entire communities. 


People co-own everything and we are happy!

It was our birthright to steward the earth and enjoy the abundant resources that creator provided.

Love, truth, and justice have been served making way for more of the same, as the thousands of years of patriarchy and warring between good and evil is now a thing of the past. It’s like we woke up from a bad hellish nightmare.

We are a self-governing, self-responsible, self-inspired, self-regulated, self-reliant, self-sufficient, and self-guided community, in service to the greater good of all, beginning with us. We blend practical, spiritual, social, artistic, and philosophical concepts, where talk turns to form, easily and effortlessly, driven by an innate desire to create inspired action.

All voices count and are represented, one’s gifts are honored, wisdom keepers and modern thought converge. Nature is for nurture and learning, where Love is present, and our common instinct is to give back. 

We drafted a declaration of independence and interdependence, and we welcome the greater community to come explore, experience and be inspired to live more lovingly, creatively, and consciously.  We have solar, wind and earth and geothermal power, as well as permaculture gardens galore, geodesic domes, treehouses, other cool alternative housing, hammocks, huts, nature walks to waterfalls, lakes and mountains, water sports, art barns, games rooms, an amphitheater, cenote, underground temples, and caves.

We have core councils formed to ensure we fulfill our practical missions, goals, and dreams, with the greater good in mind, as we get really discerning at going towards what works and just feels good, rather than giving energy to what we don’t want. we act locally and think globally in harmonic loving ways. We have learned to follow natural cycles and Natural Law, so we are no longer attached to time, money, our and our strawman fictions.

We use ideas developed from dreams, through dreaming in a practical way, being able to see what the future might bring, inspired by sound, colors, fabrics, textures, art in all its glorious forms, books, movies, and documentaries.

Along with The Five Agreements, we live by three basic laws. LAWS (acronym for Love, Awareness, Wisdom, and Spirit)

  1. See the other as greater than thyself.
  1. Kindness, respect. LOVE. Your word matters and we welcome your shadow to play, dance and express itself in healthy safe ways.
  1. Live each moment to its fullest, in being the authentic you!


We have collective created a stunning planetary economic recovery!

And the world is rejoicing in the newfound freedom and prosperity. There is a renewed optimism as the control system continues to be systematically dismantled and replaced with a collaborative and just ecosystem.

From the ashes of the “new world order,” a new earth has arisen.

Many big cities transitioned to little villages where people turned their front lawns into vegetable gardens, created learning pods, plan weekly creative arts celebrations and the neighbourhood small businesses are practicing the economy of exchange and gifting.

The large numbers of people who were dependent on government for their jobs or support programs, quickly learned to adapt to the new reality, and transitioned successfully.

Profound prosperity has unfolded. The end of tax slavery, government bureaucracy, wars, corporate monopolies, and central banking, transferred an enormous amount of wealth to the people. Institutional debt simply vanished.

The collapse of the welfare industries within the cultural landscape has also allowed a new vision for the earth and has fostered a “cultural revolution”.

Trillions of dollars were confiscated from the globalists and put into the economy, thus ending inflation and poverty.

Taxes and consumer debt have all but been abolished.

There is so much freedom and aliveness in rural areas today. Gone is all the ‘red tape’ that confined and restricted and limited the creativity and productivity of conscious farmers and food producers.

New business models are based on true voluntary free markets established to meet all the needs of a community. 

Private Membership Associations, Alliances and Hubs have successfully moved us into a free and creative economy.  An economy that supports all without control, coercion, or regulation. 

Canadian cities are now wonderful hubs of commerce, innovation, and vibrancy.

Farmers and growers are generously rewarded and appreciated by their local communities, and the people enjoy knowing how their food is lovingly and consciously grown and prepared.

Farmers no longer retire to the city. They love their work so much that they no longer plan for retirement, they simply slide into mentorship roles or other ways of contributing to their local community.


Back to the land movement

A steady migration of people who left the 15-minute cities for a new life of freedom and adventure in the country. Many have set up small family farms, homesteads, and market gardens where multiple generations work together.

The land was restored to its natural state of abundant life-inducing nutrition. The attraction of rural living and sustainable communities has made working the land totally transformed the way we now experience health, nutrition, and harmony in our agricultural industry.

Farmers are now true caretakers, and stewards of the land. Land share programs, co-ops and community kitchens are easy to access. And our rural communities have become vital food hubs for our nation.

We no longer support the centralized food system, monocultures, and industrialized farming systems that were commonplace in decades past.

Whereas multinational corporations used to plant and harvest hundreds of thousands of acres of GMO canola and other grains, with vast investments in chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, harmful pesticides, high tech, and expensive machinery; this type of farming and raping of the land has nearly disappeared from the landscape and from our memories.

The only ones that remain are now growing and harvesting hemp and ancient grains like einkorn, spelt, kamut etc. And they have been re-educated in best farming practices including the planting of crops in mineral rich and nutrient dense soil that feels fresh and alive. Biodynamic farms function as vital learning centers too. They provide practical onsite training and education for farmers and growers.

Family Farms and Small-Scale Farming

A massive re-education of farmers and food growers continues even today. They are learning about composting, bio-dynamic farming, permaculture, soil remediation etc. and are continually upgrading their skillsets and best farming practises.

Take a drive to the countryside, you will see a year-round greenhouse on every quarter section of land. Plus, we’ve extended our growing season and locally producing tropical fruits and vegetables to nourish local families.

Instead of canola fields, you will see an abundance of hemp, ancient grain crops, food forests, fruit farms and tree nurseries.

People everywhere are growing blueberries, strawberries, raspberries etc.

Dandelion fields are popular as well as groves of elderberry trees.

Permaculture, mushroom farming, aquaponics, beekeeping. Whatever you can think of you will find someone in your local community happily engaged in that type of farming.

Rural communities are thriving with creative, happy, productive children, teens, families, and seniors.

We started to see changes in the education system beginning almost a decade ago. Parents began enrolling their children in micro schools and learning pods.

The mindsets of everyday people have radically shifted in the past seven years.

Farm work and gardening are considered a divine privilege and joy. It is a labor of love and gratitude that nurtures our souls. And the people are well compensated yet not overworked.

Farm apprenticeship programs and permaculture courses meet the needs for adult re-training.

Real estate agents and mortgage brokers transitioned into land matching. They connect ‘landowners’ with aspiring farmers, food producers, growers, and gardeners who wish to live and work on the land alongside the farmer or grower.

The Gardening Revolution

Canada experienced a total gardening revolution as did most other countries.

As gardeners, food growers, and caretakers of the land, we work closely with nature spirits, earth energies, vibration, and frequencies to grow nutrient dense food. 

Rooftop gardens, vertical gardens, community gardens, market gardens, farmers markets and garden clubs are everywhere!

You can find urban gardens everywhere: schools, courtyards, housing complexes, community centres, rooftops, back alleys, backyards, ditches, along walking paths.

Every local firehall has both an indoor and an outdoor garden tended by the firemen between shifts. Such a stress reliever!

Backyard growers are proliferating in the cities and towns.

Many families are engaged in raising hens in their backyards to provide eggs and the chickens happily eat the harmful bugs in the gardens.

Most green lawns were converted to edible green spaces long ago. In the summer months you can walk down any street in your neighborhood and freely pluck an apple, a pear or a plum from a tree.

Greenhouses, microgreen businesses, tower gardens and potted edible plants flourish in homes, decks, and balconies. Plus, we’re creating fruit trenches and other horticulture techniques so we can grow subtropical plants in freezing temperatures.

Our seeds come from locally adapted seed and seed banks from across the country. We grow heirloom and open pollinated fruits and vegetables. Seed collection is taught in the schools.

We plant according to ancient methods related to the moon calendar. We practise rainwater collection, natural pesticide control, seed saving, electro culture. We use copper tools instead of iron. We forage for wild edibles and medicinal plants.

Organic, fresh, and nutrient dense food is mainstream. And we totally embraced the local food movement!

The Local Food Movement

We discovered that eating local makes for happier minds and bodies.

People today are better educated on food security and food sovereignty.

The local food movement with focus on the micro economy is now mainstream.

We thrive on the challenge of reducing food waste and providing good clean food for all families in our local communities.

We have prioritized the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships between farmers, restaurants, and home cooks. And sourcing local fresh farm food is always the first priority.

The energy of the local food movement is so vibrant, that it attracts newcomers on a weekly basis.

Planting and working together in the soil, the fields, and the greenhouses is a celebration!

Farm to fork – is a food system in which food production, processing, distribution, and consumption are integrated to enhance the environmental, economic, social, and nutritional health of a community.

Farm gate sales, U-pick, and farm to table eating adventures are popular with farmers, food producers, growers, and consumers.


The holistic and homeopathic community experienced a great renaissance. And the medical industry was restructured from the ground up.

Advancements in energy healing, nutraceuticals, physical and emotional bodies are reverse aging to attain renewed vibrancy and vigour.

Beautiful new clinics for holistic practitioners.

Cancer centers around the world were repurposed or demolished.

Mothers and fathers are now able to celebrate the birth of their first child when just a few years ago the jab had made them sterile.

And the natural return of testosterone gave men their focus and sense of purpose again. Men and women returned to the truth of who and what they are.

People are much happier and contented today than they were seven years ago.

Self-healing, self-care and regeneration and rejuvenation are popular in all demographics in our society.

We live in chemical free / toxic free dome homes and earth friendly dwellings that contribute to our rejuvenation and longevity. Vibrant healing gardens and fruit trees delight our senses.

We spend more time in nature, connected to the earth, working with the living soil, plants and the care and feeding of farm animals.

We take time to breathe, to meditate, to experience the fresh air.

We gaze at the clouds, the moon, and the stars. And we exercise our bodies with natural movement and meaningful work.

Our bodies, our minds, and our hearts thrive on the clean food and water and the peace of mind of our chosen lifestyles. We fast, we detox, and we live life in happy communities.

Today, most farms have onsite healing and rejuvenation clinics that are surrounded by beautiful medicinal herb gardens and walking paths for meditation and contemplation.

Our retreat center, called Inner Sanctuary, is modeled on an ancient memory of heaven on earth, hosting workshops, play shops and events that support our evolution of consciousness in seriously fun and playful ways. The soundproof padded room, Zen womb, and deprivation chambers are designed to safely explore the gamut of our emotional states, both alone and with support, without shame, blame or judgement. 

We’ve all had to do a lifetime worth of forgiveness to release the traumas of the last decade. 


There were new technologies for free energy, med beds for optimum health, sound transformation healing tents, time travel teachings, alchemy, sacred geometry, conscious connections, Tantra, transformational breath-work, Life Force Canada activations, the new earth education for kids and parents alike.

We have free energy generators in our homes and businesses.


In 2030, we educate children and adults on important skills for food security and natural maintenance of health.

Local farms are a vital part of the ‘unschooling’ of our children.

Instead of traditional classrooms, the children thrive in the farm environments. Some live year-round or seasonally on the farms.

Others are bussed to the farms with their friends and family members to attend classes and demonstrations or work in the greenhouses and community gardens. And care for the farm animals is an important part of their education.

Children love gardening and connection with the natural world. During the planting and harvest seasons it is like a big party or festival.

Community biodynamic gardens are cared for by the children in our Learning Pods.

The pure love energy is felt tangibly, and people around me look healthy, happy, and free.

Seniors are not isolated anymore. They are part of the guardians, together with artists and scientists they are working with the children, teaching, and supporting their innate skills and talents.

Meditation, yoga, high frequencies music and movement, together with other modalities, are part of our routine. We heal, grow, and evolve together!

We are all learning with the children and running entrepreneurial projects for the good of the communities. There are mentors for different disciplines and practices and the children are part of the decision-making process.

Contributionism/ One Small Town / Intentional Communities /Parallel Societies 

Here are some of the other major lifestyle trends and transitions we experienced in 2030:

  • No money
  • Everything is free
  • No advertising
  • No accountants
  • No sales
  • No insurance
  • No banks
  • No corruption
  • No tax
  • No theft
  • No greed
  • Crime has plummeted
  • No lawyers
  • No jails/prison
  • We have great understanding of Rights and Natural Law
  • Labour will be far less
  • Our neighbourhoods have block parties and we know our neighbours
  • All people have a passion for the wellbeing of all life
  • We will constantly be trying to improve everything
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Less pollution
  • Robotic labour for many tasks
  • Everything in abundance
  • People have a passion to work together for everyone’s benefit
  • Quality of life beyond our wildest dreams


Travel / Entertainment / Recreation 

Today we live much simpler and happier lives.

It is commonplace for families and individuals of all ages to plan extended vacations in the country, closer to home, where they participate in work exchange programs and work closely with farmers and food producers.

There has been a big cultural shift in basic lifestyle choices. For example, weekend partying was replaced with road trips to work on the farms and rural communities. Luxury mini vans and buses transport passengers between all urban centers and the local farms. And soon we will have high speed and short rail lines connecting our communities.

Every weekend during the growing season, you can attend farm to table events, where the table is at the farm and local cooks, or chefs prepare your food in the field or in a wildflower meadow. Often a tour of the farm is included with the farmer showing and describing the methods used to raise the meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, grains etc.

The people delight in planning and participating in year-round gatherings and festivals on the farms.

Storytelling around the campfire, barn raising, and community dances remind us of our childhood.

We build trust and friendships by practising the principles of natural law. And we thrive in small conscious communities where we create co-operative businesses and operate with simple handshake agreements.

Artists and writers cherish life in the creative rural environments.

Together we laugh, we play, we dance, and we sing. We read and we paint, and we nurture our creative talents.

People are happy because they are no longer stressed about money. They work less and play more. They work at jobs they love. We sleep better than in previous decades because we are more content, more mindful, and more connected to nature, the outdoors, and to the earth.

It took time to eradicate the chemtrails in the air, and the fluoride in our drinking water. We found solutions for cleaning up our lakes, rivers and oceans with plants and advanced technologies.

We experienced a water revolution in recent years. Living structured water in now in every home, garden, farm. No fluoride, no harmful chemicals, and no pharmaceuticals in our water.

In some places, we have many epic earthship homes – a stunningly natural and abundant paradise that serves a diverse community of approximately 5500 sovereign folks. We welcome newborns to elders, along with a vast array of wild, farm and domestic animals, some that we need to protect more than others. We are well networked with all the many other thriving conscious communities across this new earth.

Animal farms provide us with many opportunities to care for, cuddle, feed, and love in a loving sacred way. And we live in a blissful ecstasy, a natural state of being.


Thank you for the wonderful details that weaved your beautiful imaginings.

We are more powerful when we live and work together.

That was so amazing, I want to live in that now!

This is soul freedom.

I can’t wait until 2030!


We are in a transitional time.

As the old structures and corrupt systems collapse, Life Force Canada is ready to bring forth many project initiatives within our Nine Pillars:

Truth Media, Energy Alternatives, Nurturing our Environment, Security & Safety, Reimaging Education, A New Economy of Prosperity for All, Community Based Agriculture, Natural Law, and Health & Wellbeing

We invite you to be a part of this movement. Through caring, sharing and networking, we help prepare you for the intense and exciting changes coming. 

We the People have the power to create new systems that empower our mind, body, and soul, which will require participation in Forums to develop the right actions to implement.

Life Force Canada

Where truth seekers unite!