Hello!   Welcome to the Life Force Educational Portal.

We at Life Force Canada recognize that the public school system has been failing our children for a long time.  Surprisingly, most children are not being taught how to read, to spell, and basic math computation, never mind important life skills like: learning how to grow their own food, nutrition and holistic medicine, critical thinking and analysis skills, communication, natural law, or how to connect with nature.  Sadly, they are also not being taught how truly wondrous and powerful they are and to believe in themselves.

We are moving through a transitional time in history and as many are making a conscious choice to exit the old system,  we realize it is up to us to take back our power and co-create the world we want to see. Children are our  future and they have been struggling in an old draconian system for far too long.  It is time for a change.

We created this portal to connect homeschoolers and parents directly with forward thinking teachers, alternative educators and educational specialists who care about the health and well-being of every child and about empowering them to reach their full potential. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive platform you can use as a springboard for discussions, connections and finding available resources, as we collectively reimage education.

So, how does this platform work? Well first of all, this is a not for profit organization and making and searching posts is absolutely FREE.

If you are a parent seeking a teacher for some or all subjects, you have come to the right place. On this portal site you can search our database to find a teacher for online courses or to find a learning pod in your community.

If you are a  teacher or educational specialist looking to offer your services and expertise or you would like to let parents know about your online courses, small groups or educational pods, all you have to do is create a post and share.

You can also do a post either searching or offering events, camps, workshops and classes and courses.  As well you can search or offer “educational” products and resources.

You can search and create posts for 1:1 instruction, small in-person classes, to join or create an educational pod, or join an online class in any area or region across Canada. Alternative schools are welcome to post here as well.

Instructions on how to create a post can be found on the  ‘Create a Post’ page. All posts will be reviewed by our volunteers to help maintain high quality posts and offerings that can be easily searched for and found.

Please read and acknowledge our disclaimer as we hold no liability or responsibility for any outcomes of  financial arrangements between teachers and parents that are made outside of this portal.

I encourage you to explore our site ( see link below) and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Please join our educational community in the spirit of respect, collaboration, contribution and service to others.

With your support, we are providing new and innovative solutions and opportunities that empower children to believe in themselves, tap into their creativity and most importantly, have fun being a child.

There are two action steps you can take to create change.

One: View the Life Force Canada Educational Portal Here.

Two:  Join Norma Jean Maxwell on the Education Think Tank

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