Educating and Challenging our Town Councils

The Power Resides with the People!

No one is coming to Save US. We must do this Ourselves.

At Life Force Canada we know there is no power for the people on a federal or provincial level.


Governments are corporations, fictional entities.

Our main priority in gaining our freedom against tyranny and government overreach is FOCUSING our energy on our Towns. This is where our power is! 

Unfortunately, every Canadian Town Council has been taken over by the UN Agenda. The restructuring of Canadian Mayors and municipalities under the offices of the United Nations began in 1992 where Primer Minister Mulroney signed Canada on to UN Agenda 21. Canada thus became a UN member nation state.  178 countries signed on, lured by the promise of big money and to go green by the year 2000.

Countries including Canada were being governed by directions of the UN, G7 G20, World economic forum and World Health Organization.  Every organization named is a foreign-based NGO non-governmental organization and every member of all these organizations is unelected.

In 1994 a municipal primer was issued to all local towns outlining how they were to restructure their governments though the municipal primer which was a non-binding agreement all towns adopted.

Since then, our public officials, mayor and councillors have all partnered with a private Corporation.

Our Mission is to learn how to engage with them and educate them on what the real agenda of these organizations.

Creating a Central Database!

There are freedom groups in Canada who are making changes at a local level and they need our support.

This is How It is Done!

At Life Force Canada you will learn:

  • The limits of government power.
  • How the Monarch, Government, Corporations, and Police are ALL public servants.
  • How the people are the highest law council of the land.

As we expand into higher consciousness and educate ourselves as men and women, we will be a force to be reckoned with. Educating ourselves on Natural Law, reclaiming our authority, and taking action is the way we empower ourselves and others.



Get Organized at a Local Level

Many people in your town including your council have no idea how they have been deceived and mislead about the real agenda. Creating Town Council meetings is key. We need to learn how to engage with and educate them on the real agenda.

We Can Only Accomplish this Together!

Get Involved today!  

All member levels have access to our weekly Monday Connection Calls and Telegram Channels which will remain in the Free Domain for now. 



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