Educating and Challenging our Town Councils

The Power Resides with the People!

No one is coming to save us! We must do this ourselves.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

At Life Force Canada we know there is no power for the people on a federal or provincial level.


Governments are corporations, fictional entities.

Our main priority in gaining our freedom against tyranny and government overreach is FOCUSING our energy on our Towns. This is where our power is! 

Unfortunately, every Canadian Town Council has been taken over by the UN Agenda. The restructuring of Canadian Mayors and municipalities under the offices of the United Nations began in 1992 where Primer Minister Mulroney signed Canada on to UN Agenda 21. Canada thus became a UN member nation state.  178 countries signed on, lured by the promise of big money and to go green by the year 2000.

Countries including Canada were being governed by directions of the UN, G7 G20, World economic forum and World Health Organization.  Every organization named is a foreign-based NGO non-governmental organization and every member of all these organizations is unelected.

In 1994 a municipal primer was issued to all local towns outlining how they were to restructure their governments though the municipal primer which was a non-binding agreement all towns adopted.

Since then, our public officials, mayor and councillors have all partnered with a private Corporation.

Our Mission is to engage and educate our local town councils on what is the true agenda of these organizations (UN, WEF etc).

At Life Force Canada we provide you with access to scripts and resources to support you in presenting at your local council meetings.

Creating a Central Database!

There are freedom groups in Canada who are making changes at a local level and they need our support.

This is How It is Done!

At Life Force Canada you will learn:

  • The limits of government power.
  • How the Monarch, Government, Corporations, and Police are ALL public servants.
  • How the people are the highest law council of the land.

Developing a clear and concise strategic plan will ensure your Local team is moving towards shared goals. 

  1. Educate the Mayors/council they are committing Fraud
  2. 30 Day Notice – to Council will be served and have been provided with the knowledge by the sovereign men and women of the fraud they have committed. After 30 days with no response will indicate consent of FRAUD has been established.  They are NO longer Lawful. This will give us the Authority to replace them with new employees!
  3. We will hold a new hiring of employees to Administer the roles of moving towards Accountable system.
  4. The Sovereign men and women will open a Treasury Fund to control the money at the local Area! This will remove the unlawful tax, property tax, income tax, and other tax frauds! 
  5.  Sovereign men and women will establish service contracts and agreements will be made for services they choose to pay for! 
  6. Sovereign men and woman will accordingly agree to a Contract/Constitution at their respective local Community to remove the de-facto FRAUD! 

As we expand into higher consciousness and educate ourselves as men and women, we will be a force to be reckoned with. Educating ourselves on Natural Law, reclaiming our authority, and taking action is the way we empower ourselves and others. 

Every town will soon have the lawful power to:

  1. Restore governing autonomy and independence: End public-private-international partnerships; the Mayor will be lawfully sworn in as Head of Local Government, no longer as UN Head of Council.
  2. Regroup officials in their wards: establish town halls with OPEN, full public access to elected officials who will provide urgent funding for social needs, support for local small businesses, cost of living assistance, and immediate attention to daycare and education matters.
  3. Restart their local agenda and constitution: establish an independent treasury and sworn peace officers to ensure POGG, lawful protection, and essential local services.



How to Present a Deputation to Your Local Municipal Council.

Steps Created by Gene Balfour,

1. Contact the City Clerk’s Office to register your deputation request and offer a briefs statement about the topic that you wish to present to Council. I applied online through the City’s web site. Your request will be reviewed and you will be contacted by someone in the City Clerk’s office to offer a date that is acceptable to you. In might take a week or more to receive this call. When approved, your deputation will appear on the Council’s Agenda. The November 7 Agenda shows my deputation as COW2023-09.4.2.

In support of COW2023-09.4.2, I filed two documents.

2. Five minutes is the allowed time for your deputation. It goes fast. It is best that you plan what you want to say carefully. My speaking notes are about 500 words (~100 words per minute). I include several elements in my presentation: 

Thank you for hearing me today.

State your purpose for the deputation (Note: “objection” is a key word that dignifies that you want to be taken seriously.)

Supporting context. (This is the rationale for why your objection matters).

Specific proposals. (Councillors want to know what you consider to be actionable within the limits of their authority).

Benefits of my proposals. (If you do not spell this out, don’t assume that they will surmise the benefits that you anticipate.

3. After your presentation, Council members may comment on it or ask you questions. If they do, this is your opportunity to add to your presentation because there are no time limits imposed. This is my favourite part. 

The Mayor will eventually ask Council to “accept” your deputation which simply means that it will be scheduled for closed-session discussions by Council at a later date.

4. Follow up with your Ward Councillor. Unless you do, your deputation will fade into history and you will never know what Council decided to do with it.


Gene Balfour,

Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Co-founder of Advocates for Civil Society


Get Organized at a Local Level

Many people in your town including your council have no idea how they have been deceived and mislead about the true agenda. Attending and presenting at your local Town Council meeting is key. 

At Life Force Canada we assist you in overcoming your fear so you can stand in your own authority, and engage with your local council with confidence. 

Together We Rise!

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