Guardians of freedom

We Are Uniting!

We know the only way through is to UNITE with others in the freedom movement. The directory below represents a commitment that we are ALL united in purpose and are dedicated to exiting our present corrupt systems and recreating a new path that is in alignment with integrity and respect for every man, woman and child. 

Being a part of Freedom Rising represents a commitment to spreading a message from coast to coast that we are already united in purpose. Through our mutual respect and love for one another, our voice will grow stronger every day, and we will not stop until we manifest our highest vision of personal and collective sovereignty.

We aim to protect informed consent, medical choice and Charter rights.

The Canada Health Alliance is a are a network of health care professionals from across Canada whose common goal is to reclaim and protect each individual’s right to health freedom through education and empowerment.

We are not a law firm, but rather a group of volunteer lawyers trying to help out where we can during these unprecedented times.

Take Action Canada is concerned with the legal, economic and bodily infringements that been imposed since March 2020 and are focused on enabling Canadians to take back their lives through education and action.

Freedom Casters is dedicated to those of you who watch traditional news channels and know that something isn’t quite right or are not willing to blindly accept obvious lies. We have curated the most amazing collection of Broadcasters who can provided you with information on dozens of topics in different formats – videos, podcasts, blogs, etc…

V4F is a grassroots organization comprised of Canadian Armed Forces veterans who are mobilizing a nation-wide movement of peaceful, lawful, civic action. We stand on guard to uphold Canadian laws that are governed by the Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We call on all able-bodied veterans in Canada to STAND-TO.

As proud advocates of medical freedom, our mission is to unite nurses, educate the public and bring ethics back into healthcare.

A community initiated by necessity. A Network growing through unity.  We must RISE and face our challenges with one collective voice. We must RISE and come together with others that share our views and values. We must RISE and set aside those things that divide us.

Librti is Canada’s social media platform. Connect with people that value the free flow of information, critical thinking, and individual liberty. Access and discuss timely information, find tools and resources from freedom organizations all in one spot.

notTV is a cooperative of new media artists and content creators. Together we create a media pool and increase the value of our collective work. The intention behind the notTV community is to create content that focuses on and promotes a better world.

The Life Force Canada Education Portal is here to assist parents and teachers who are exiting the public school system. Time to connect and reimagine education. 

World Council For Health

The World Council for Health is a worldwide coalition of health-focused organizations and civil society groups that seek to broaden public health knowledge and sense-making through science and shared wisdom. We are entirely publicly funded which enables us to continue to make the best health decisions for the people, free from conflicts of interest and pharmaceutical industry ties.

Black Sheep Truth Media

We report on and livestream important information hidden from the public. We are dedicated to informing and helping to connect the people of Canada and other countries.

Dr. Mark Trozzi 

My mission is to empower people to health and understanding on subjects from within my sphere of expertise..

Naturally Healthy Clinic

We provide you the best possible care working hand in hand with local Physicians, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and ICBC in order to support your health and well-being all around.


YYC ROCKS, which stands for Rebuilding Our Community with Kindness & Sustainability, is a non government organization focused on alternative avenues to access healthcare, education, and food procurement. 

Fringe Farms

Fringe Farm Network aims to unify farmers, property owners, and business owners, much like the models used in the past, where the people create a new system to fight the systemic corruption we are facing. The goal is networking localized groups that can eventually work in unison provincially and nationally.