This is earth changing technology that has the power to heal you and the land you live on from radiation or any harmful EMF solution. And the benefits are extraordinary. 

There are three models of the DPE technology:

One: The DPE 100 for the Home protects a zone of 2 kilometres in radius and 200 kilometres high.  

Two: The DPE Shield protects a zone of 100 kilometres in radius and 250 kilometres high.  Perfect for communities. 

Three: The DPE Agricultural for farms increases crop yields while requiring 50% less water and no fertilizers or pesticides.

Utilizing the energies of the Earth, the Sun and the Cosmos, the DPE Agriculture triggers a dramatic change in plant growth rates and crop yields. Typically, it can be expected to produce 50% more plant growth and a 200% increase in crop yields. (please do your planning on a 50% increase in yield and treat the rest as a bonus). This is achieved with no fertilizer and no pesticides.

Furthermore, it extends the growing season, which in some cases will enable two crops per season. Additionally, plants grow with about 50% less water. As a bonus, the DPE Agriculture significantly ameliorates odors coming from the intense farming of pigs, dairy cows and other livestock.

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Thank you to Dr. Richard Presser for sharing this brilliant presentation and this product which is available for homes, farms, and communities.

His presentation begins at 4:35 minute mark. 


To learn more or purchase this amazing product visit.

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