Your Wellness Affirmation:  I am Kicking Toxic Air Fresheners to the Curb!

Did you grow up with that little green tree car freshener hanging on the rearview mirror in your family car? And now of course, we are discovering most things we grew up with were not good for the brain, heart, lungs, mind and well..the entire body.  All designed to keep us unknowingly suppressed so we would never awaken to our true power.

Instead of using toxic air fresheners that are full of poison, make your own air freshener. The recipe below is for your car.

What you need
1 small mason jar ( or glass jam jar)
3/4 cup of organic baking soda
5 – 7 drops of essential oil (scent of your choice)
Small piece of breathable fabric for lid (cheesecloth, burlap, cotton,)


  1. Scoop baking soda into the mason jar. You want it to be about 1/4 full.
  2. Add essential oil to the baking soda. Choose ONE of these: peppermint, grapefruit, lemon, or other favorite essential oil. (not all together, obviously).
  3. Cut a small round piece of breathable fabric that will fit in the place of the lid.
  4. Fumble with getting the lid ring on for about 15 minutes and think about hammering it into place but then by magic get it to screw on evenly.
  5. Place in any room you choose.

Essential oils and a diffuser in your home is highly recommended.

Taking one step every day toward better living is essential to living in freedom!