Activating the

I AM process 

Connecting you back to your power

with Kat Cro 


You are already using the Law of Attraction.

If you are not experiencing what you want.. That Is Where I Come In. 

I AM a Powerful Creator, allow me to help you rediscover who YOU are too!

Life is supposed to be a creative and joyful experience, consciously working with Universal Laws that are in existence to support ALL That Is. Have you ever had the pure awareness of seeing results of something you have purposely manifested? It is ABSOLUTELY thrilling!

I have tested this Law time and time again and have built a solid foundation of faith in its Guiding Principles.

Now, you too, can learn how to navigate this truly sacred journey and activate your I AM Process.

Hi! I’m Kat

I have discovered that my main purpose both in my personal and professional life is to be a “Kat-alyst” (catalyst). When people come into my energy field, change happens. It may be subtle or not so subtle, and it isn’t  always an easy role. I am very touched when I witness my students empowered and ready to start creating what’s wanted and live their lives on purpose, with purpose.


I created my “Be Free with Kat” business after being guided by my Spirit team to facilitate personal sessions, retreats, and wellness events to support the freedom communities.  

I have personally healed major physical / mental / emotional and spiritual blocks by working with plant medicine, Reiki Mastery Energy, and of course the Law of Attraction (which I coach on). This has inspired me to help others. 

I utilize my training and experience with: Quantum Touch, Usui Reiki Mastery, Hypnotherapy, Angel Therapy, & Law of Attraction Coaching, to offer my students a unique, customized approach to their transformation, growth & freedom.  

💚You would like financial abundance
💚You would like to attract your soul mate.
💚You would like to be aligned with your purpose.
💚You would like to feel better.
💚You would like to be a CONSCIOUS CO-CREATOR of YOUR Life

What you will learn….

Module 1: An Intro to The Law of Attraction

Module 2 : The 1st Guiding Principle of INTENTION

Module 3 : The 2nd Guiding Principle of DECISION

Module 4: The 3rd Guiding Principle of BELIEVE

Module 5: The 4th Guiding Principle of LET GO

Module 6: The 5th Guiding Principle of ACT

Happy Students

“Kat comes to the table with beautiful energy & insight making for a safe space to heal and move through challenges.”

–  Chantelle

 “We are not alone. I feel and have a new connection to Source.”

– Clay

“I was able to finally let go. I have more awareness on what needs to shift. I am experiencing calmness.”

– Gita

You will receive many benefits such as…

Benefit 1: Learn How to Create on Purpose with Purpose

Benefit 2: Listen to 3 Guided Meditations and Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Baths, which will help to Ground You, Invoke the Power of the I AM Statements and increase Self-Love (so you feel worthy of receiving)

Benefit 3: Being FREE from outside forces influencing what you experience

Your investment


You can also pay via email transfer to  Remember to add in the note box which course the payment is in reference to, your full name and email address.