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 a Sovereign Community leaders Course

All towns in Canada are on the way to fulfilling the Agenda 2030 initiative. Every mayor and town council received the Municipality Primer in 1992 to pave the way for using climate change to justify the real agenda to convert cities, towns and municipalities into “Smart Cities”.  If you do not stand up as a community and begin the steps to making conscious change we are all headed down a destructive path where freedom no longer exists. The power is in the community, in the town and learning new skills is key to taking back your power. 

You have two choices – Live in a United Nations Town ruled by a master who is choosing depopulation OR create a Sovereign Town and claim jurisdiction. The controllers can only sacrifice their own who reside in their jurisdiction. 

If you said yes, to creating a Sovereign Town contact us today.  We have less than 5 years to prepare so let’s get started.  This is beyond food prepping and town hall meetings.  This is about claiming your jurisdiction and learning how to live above the line. 

Sovereignty defined as: a state of being. It involves exercising individual freedom from external control: self governance It refers to a man or woman having a right to exercise their own sovereign power of authority.

Leader defined as: a man or woman honing their emotional intelligence and self-governance. Self-leadership is based on self-awareness and discernment. As you accurately recognize your own skills you create a better plan for the future of your community.

Community defined as: a group of sovereign men and women who have similar interests and work collaboratively to achieve their common goals. 

Who is a Community Leader? You are! It is your farmer, your baker, your healthcare workers, your teachers, your carpenter, the mom or dad who is homeschooling,  or a business owner. It is those of you who want to take action and be a part of a future where resilient, interdependent communities/towns thrive. 


This “LIVE” Weekend Course is for Men and Women Seeking to Create Private  Self-Governing Communities Based in Natural Law.

There are two states we can be in this world: a sovereign or a slave! Declaring your sovereignty, as a free man or woman requires courage, fortitude and the choice to stand up for your unalienable rights. This task is much less daunting when you’re united with and supported by others of like mind.


                                 — Margaret J. Wheatley

Our vision holds that man/womankind deserve the opportunity to cultivate liberation, and that all should have access to a community which supports their highest purpose as sovereign beings.

Now is the time to create connected, conscious communities/towns that are free of external government control. Sovereign communities/towns are prosperous and strong. We provide the support, tools, and experiences for men and women to liberate themselves, support growth, abundance, healthy relationships and true power in a supportive environment. 

“If harmony, true liberation and freedom is to be created in community the first requirement is self-governance. When men and women come together and stand in their collective sovereignty they take back their town.”

                                 — Karen Klassen

The Sovereign Community Leaders Course is a 2-Day Live experience for men and women who want to create a sovereign community/town based on Natural Law. The only way through is uniting together with a common vision and taking action.

There are two components to this course – Self Sovereignty and Community Sovereignty.  You must have the 7 Foundational Principles of Self Sovereignty in order to create Sovereign Community. 

7 Principles of Self-Governance 

7 Elements to Community Sovereignty 


Course Details

 Day 1 – 9 am – 5 pm

Here we explore the 7 Principles of Self-Governance

    • The Foundation of Our Reality
    • What Keeps The Birth Certificate Human Slavery System Alive
    • Create a Freedom Based Mindset So You Can Stand In Your Authority
    • How To Express Your Sovereignty Based In Natural Law
    • Release Fear of Authority (Practice the words you need to say to Police/Judge) 
    • Explore Your True Value and the Skills You Can Offer in Community
    • Transitioning from Feeling Stuck to Living Your Life Purpose 

     Day 2 – 9 am – 5 pm

    We explore the 7 Elements to Community Sovereignty

    Build A Solid Foundation (Pre-requisite attendance day 1)


    • Learn the historical context and significance of being in the Private. 
    • Transition from Public Jurisdiction to Private Jurisdiction
    • Defining the 7 Elements for Your Own Community.
    • Experience a Mock Up Sovereign Village 
    • Inner-stand the Role of your Sovereign Community Association (SCA) Council
    • Clarify your Vision to Create your Sovereign Community.

    The Benefits of Taking the Course

    On an individual level you will connect with your authentic inner voice and stand up for yourself. You become your own authority. On a community level you will experience tools and techniques that build:  

    Connectivity – Communities with higher levels of effective communication are better positioned to provide mutual support to each other.

    Collaborationthe frequency of openness and active listening between members of a community is critical for success.

    Compassion:  it is the fundamental caring for each other. 

    Facilitate the Building of Trust: It’s not enough for community members to know each other. They also have to trust each other. Without trust, the awareness of opportunities for collaboration and mutual support will never be acted upon.

    What Men and Women Are Saying About the SCL Course

    We learned so much this weekend and enjoyed the progression of the course from individual sovereignty to building sovereign communities.  A great resource for us to continue building our local community. 

                                                                                                             ~ Ken and Annett

    Karen & Laura-Jane, I cannot thank you enough. I came into this course with very little knowledge and left with a wealth of information and resources. From learning to "Live Above the Line" and knowing my values, to how to speak in court with authority. The Natural law and steps to setting up your community were invaluable. I look forward to many more courses with you. Thank you for showing my my true sovereign worth.  

                                                                                                              ~ Brandy

    An eye opening experience in the details for good men and woman on their journey to creating strong sovereign communities. This course gave us the tools and processes needed for success and growth. Exceptional! Thank you!

                                                                                                               ~ Elwyn

    The SCLC is a unique course offered by dedicated women, teaching from the heart with a view of providing important tools and skills as we transition into an uncertain future.  

                                                                                                               ~ Stephen 

    What an eye opener! Karen and Laura-Jane are enthusiastic, inspiring and organized. Tons of great information, resources and practical tips to help us journey into a sovereign community based life. Thank you!  

                                                                                                               ~ Angela

    I would recommend this program to anyone planning on living beyond 2023. 

                                                                                                               ~ Ken D

    This was a very inspirational course. I would recommend this weekend to all those who are aware. 

                                                                                                               ~ Wes

    Information that EVERYONE needs to know and understand. 

                                                                                                               ~ Terry 

    The knowledge I gained this weekend was incredibly valuable to me for my journey. PLUS, I met men/women who are of the same mind and willing to share their knowledge and friendship. It was an honour to spend this time here.  

                                                                                                              ~ Lynn

    Just keep moving forward and informing others. 

                                                                                                              ~ Randy

    Very informative. These women are very intelligent and know what they are talking about.  

                                                                                                               ~ Rob

    Great way to start to your path of reaching sovereignty and living above the line. 

                                                                                                               ~ Brent

     Meet Your Facilitators


    Karen Klassen

    Karen Klassen is Co-founder of Life Force Canada, empowering men and women to step into their true sovereign power and live life on their own terms. Karen has been a Breakthrough Coach, Facilitator and owner of Imagine Seminars for over 20 years. She believes we are in a transformational time and it is up to each and every one of us to learn  new skills and release our fears for it is the only way forward if we want to live in freedom, love, truth and prosperity. 

    Laura-Jane Coté

    Laura-Jane is a Life Force Canada Trustee and creator and facilitator of the Founders PMA course. She has extensive background in coaching, one-on-one and group facilitation, teaching, leadership development and empowerment through passion. She is also a published writer and has studied a number of disciplines and special interests in Canada and the US.

    Laura-Jane has a background in management within the public service, nursing, energy medicine, designing educational software. 



    We would be grateful for the opportunity to present the Sovereign Community Leaders Course to your community. The time is now to learn and share this knowledge so we can create our freedom towns and communities. 

    Contact us today, at for more details if your community is ready to step into freedom and learn the skills required to being Sovereign.