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THe Private Members Association (PMA) Course

The Private Member Association (PMA) Course is a 2-part series for men and women who want to realize their sovereign potential by taking their business out of the government jurisdiction and create a Private Member Association (PMA) model based on Natural Law.

September 27th & 28th 2023

Course Details 

Dates:  Sunday September 27th and Monday September 28th 2023

TIME: 9:00 am PDT/ 10:00 am MDT & CST/ 11 am CDT/ 12:00 pm EDT/ 1:00pm ADT.

LOCATION: Zoom Meeting

* Each day will be approximately 5 hours each.

Day 1 – Gain Clarity and Confidence


  • Get to know other pioneers in this PMA program
  • What does private mean for your business?
  • Natural law – basics and how to apply them to your PMA
  • Learn the underlying premise of PMAs
  • Clarify your vision to create your PMA

Day 2 – Build A Solid Foundation (Pre-requisite attendance day 1)


  • Learn the historical context and significance of the private
  • Build your PMA’s foundational paperwork
  • Inner-stand the role of your PMA trustees
  • Build your private membership
  • Access to private PMA founders telegram group to continue your journey with the support of others

The Benefits of Taking the Course


  • Learn the historical context and significance of the Private
  • Clarifying your intent and vision for your PMA (critical to success)
  • Guiding steps towards creating your PMA
  • Building your foundational documents
  • Protecting your PMA
  • Structuring and building your membership
  • Access to the Private PMA Founders Telegram Group to continue your journey with the support of others.

 Meet Your Facilitator


Laura-Jane Coté

The PMA Course is a culmination of over 3000 hours of invested individual learning and research that included many rabbit holes, dead-ends and the uncovering of a ‘few’ false promises and prophets. Laura-Jane’s  experience, perseverance, tenacity, intuition and dissatisfaction over the past year and a half drove her to find golden nuggets of information that led to a business model to help others thrive in sovereign potential within the private domain. She also has extensive background in coaching, one-on-one and group facilitation, teaching, leadership development and empowerment through passion. She is also a published writer and has studied a number of disciplines and special interests in Canada and the US.

Laura-Jane has a background in management within the public service, nursing, energy medicine, designing educational software and is also a Trustee with two PMAs (regional and national) as well as member of international PMAs.


I was very nervous registering for the PMA course because it is such a big subject and felt like a daunting task. They are not prevalent in Canada, but with the clarity and ease of Laura-Jane’s sharing style, I am certain it won’t be long before they are common-place across this great country. I am so grateful that I registered because Laura-Jane crafted a program that systematically, step by step prepared each participant for taking immediate action, if they so chose, to set up their Private Member Association. She walked us through the program workbook prepared with thorough and detailed information which offered a multitude of examples, and then, we were gifted with even further in-depth understanding as she generously shared her wisdom with further ideas and suggestions. Laura-Jane’s conviction “if you know it, share it” is pretty much the way of her teaching. And what a precious teacher she is – never a dull moment, even in the sections that she called dry parts, because she is vibrant life herself. Every question asked was responded to with enthusiasm and joy and each participant was gracefully drawn into a knowing of “I can do this.” Laura-Jane started with a number of participants which ended in a community. I am so grateful to have been a part of this. Thank you Laura-Jane and all whom attended.

Many Blessings with Much Love, as always

Donna Francis

Laura-Jane is a very engaging and inclusive presenter. It was a joy to go through the PMA Founders course with her. This course was exactly the stepping stone which I had been searching for, helping me to bridge the concepts of PMAs into a tangible reality. Anyone interested in shifting their offerings from the public to the private realm will offer themselves a long-lasting gift by taking part in this course. Thank you Laura-Jane


Stephan Guénette, Myofascial practitioner
Kinetic Flow: Fascia Bodyworks

Not only was the PMA course filled with valuable information that I could use to build my own PMA documents, the other course members involved  had so much knowledge to share for this changing world. It was amazing to be a part of a group so like-minded when it comes to creating a future with more protection for our businesses, ourselves, and our loved ones. I hope to stay connected with some men and women from the course, and would consider taking another one of Laura-Jane’s PMA courses in the future. Thank you so much!
Jessica Rose
Blooming Euphoria
Holistic Health Practioner

This course is open to members in good standing with Life Force Canada.

Space is limited to 20 participants. Please ensure you can attend both dates as each module is a pre-requisite for the next one.

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This includes a workbook that will be sent to participants once their registration is confirmed.