LIFe Force Canada

A Private Sovereign Association 

The right of the people to peaceablY assemble

Have you felt the pain financially, emotionally, spiritually and even physically from the overreach of government, especially since March 2020?

Are you tired of giving your authority and power to a government that continuously displays double standards? 

Do you see the “writing on the wall” of it getting harder, rather than easier, to expand your financial prosperity?

Are you ready to shift the power and authority of decision making back to YOU? 


The Solution

Life Force Canada is Creating Bridges to Build Parallel Societies 

We are placing Life Force Canada under a Private Sovereign Association (PSA). By joining our PSA you are removing yourself from any responsibilities or entitlements within the public domain. This includes enforcement of any public government actions, mandates, rules or regulations. Signing your member agreement as a man or woman creates a contract through Natural Law that protects and secures your Unalienable Rights. 

Our Vision: is to support building parallel societies with the creation of communities, towns and businesses that have established themselves outside of the public jurisdiction.

Our Purpose: is to share knowledge and information so we can collectively exit the corrupt matrix and the 15 minute city agenda as we co-create the new earth together. 

We recognize that the best way to build lawful parallel societies is:   

One: Establish communities/towns/counties/regions that operate in the private based on Natural Law – Do No Harm.

Two: Create local communities as unincorporated private associations to exit the PUBLIC domain (government jurisdiction) and accept the rights and responsibilities to function within the private domain. 

ThreeLife Force Canada-Private Sovereign Association will provide a National and Provincial Directory of parallel communities and businesses functioning with lawful PMAs. This Directory will help allied private members locate and interact with each other within the private domain.

As a LFC-PSA Private Member you are consciously consenting to enter into a private contract with us, thus moving into the private domain.

LFC-PSA neither requires nor seeks any authority or permission from any government for its creation or administration. The bottom line is, we are guided by our moral ethics and soul purpose.

This is not about being anti-government.

It’s about taking back your power. 

We know there’s a lot of information to grasp as this is a complete shift in mindset and jurisdiction of authority.

We will be offering courses and trainings in our Private Member portal that will prepare you and assist you in ANY situation. A big part of your journey will be about “DE-PROGRAMMING” from the way you’ve been taught to be in this world. 

Part of the training moving forward also involves educating government officials who think they have “authority” over you. There is a way to do this that allows you to stay in control.

The Benefits of Being a Private Member






Join us and be a part of the solution!

Together we can build the new earth.

One of love, connection, trust and freedom.

Thank you for being here and now.

Become a Private Member in 3 Easy Steps


Complete the Application ( 6 simple questions)


Read & Accept the Member Agreement 


Make your Donation


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