LIFe Force Canada

A Private Sovereign Association 

Express your status and authority

Have you felt the pain financially, emotionally, spiritually and even physically from the overreach of government?

Are you tired of giving your authority and power to a hierarchy that feeds off your life force energy and does not care if you live or die?

Are you prepared to shift the power and authority of decision making back to YOU? 

If you are looking for solutions we invite you to join a tribe of like-minded Canadians who are taking back their status and authority. 


The Solution

Join us Every Tuesday Evening

Life Force Canada Creates Bridges to Build Parallel Communities 

Life Force Canada is a Private Sovereign Association (PSA) where your autograph on your member agreement as a man or woman, protects and secures your Unalienable Rights expressed through Natural Law.  

Our Vision: Support parallel societies through the creation of sovereign communities, towns and businesses that have established themselves within the private domain. 

Our Purpose: Co-create the new earth by sharing knowledge and information to collectively exit the corrupt matrix and the 15 minute city agenda. 

Our Strategy:  Provide tangible tools and training to unhook ourselves from the control system.

      Phase One: Individual Sovereignty – discharge debts, claim of right, overcome fears of authority.

      Phase Two:  Business/Life Sovereignty  – Create an unincorporated private association to exit your business, your home, your farm, your property, and livelihood from the public domain (government jurisdiction) and accept the rights and responsibilities to function within the private domain. 

      Phase Three: Community Sovereignty – Learn how to take back your town with the POGG Primer.

As a Private Memberof Life Force Canada Sovereign Association (PSA) you consciously consent to enter into a private agreement with us, thus operating in the private domain.

LFC-PSA does not require or seek permission from any external perceived authority for its creation or administration. The bottom line is, we are guided by our moral ethics and soul purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Force Canada?

Life Force Canada is a Private Sovereign Association. We have created a private network to support the sharing of knowledge, information, resources and products functioning within the private domain.

What are the Benefits of Joining as a Private Member?

We offer a secure and supportive space to create more ease as your way across the bridge from the public jurisdiction into living more fully in the private realm. You will learn about the birth certificate slave system, discharging of debts and how to express your sovereignty.  

BONUS: Connect with others who are on the same path as we create the new earth. 

What is the Cost to Be a Private Member?

You can choose to pay $25 each month or $250 annually.

Everyone will have access to the same resources, whether a monthly or an annual member.

What is Natural Law?

We are all here to respect each other and do no harm.

Natural Law is a set of universal, inherent binding and unchangeable conditions which govern the behavioural consequences of all sentient beings.

Natural Law governs the collective free will and manifestation of the consequences of the behaviours that we choose. These consequences are always dependent upon our chosen behaviours regardless of whether they are moral or immoral. We all have free will to chose our behaviours and how we conduct ourselves. We are not insulated by the consequences of our choices. 

Natural Law is also known as Moral Law or the Golden Rule.

Is there a group /chat for life force private members?

Yes, we have LFC Private Sovereign Association (Telegram) and the Life Force Canada Private Members on the Librti Platform. Librti is a private, Canadian company with no censorship. It is independent and has zero connection to big tech. 

Can I attend both the Monday calls and the Tuesday calls?
Yes, many of our private members attend both the Monday Connection Call and the Tuesday Private Member meeting every single week! Both calls are at 7 pm MT on zoom. 
What is the Difference between Public and Private?

The Private Domain represents retention of authority over ourselves. 

The public domain, aka the government, represents conceding to be administered by them. Thus, in the public domain we have agreed to follow their rules, regulations and laws.  For example, the medical, legal, and education systems plus the majority of businesses are doing business in the PUBLIC domain.

There is nothing wrong with this; however federal, provincial, county and local governments regulate what is done, and how it is done. They claim the right to control and access all your information in whatever form it takes.

All lawful private memberships operate within the private which is outside the jurisdiction of those same agencies.

What Freedoms Will Living in The Private Offer Me?

Freedom includes the right of self-determination, home schooling, choice of suppliers of products and/or services, choice of lifestyle, food, drink and any right or freedom that does not infringe on the rights and freedoms of others.

Freedom of speech to share information and voice your opinions about anything that concerns you without censorship or interference.

Freedom to confidentially assemble with other like-minded members to learn about setting up, administering and trading within the private domain.

Freedom of self-determination so we can make private decisions about our personal and family health, life, nutrition, therapies and wellness.

Freedom of Privacy along with all unalienable rights.

Where can I find recordings of the Tuesday private member calls?

The replays of the weekly presentations will be recorded and posted on the Life Force Canada Private Members Librti platform.

For privacy reasons, the entire meeting is not recorded, only the presentation itself. If there is no formal presentation (such as when we have an Open Forum Q&A session), there will not be a recording.


What Our Private Members Have to Say…

This is a complete shift in mindset and jurisdiction of

Life Force Canada’s weekly meetings are my safe haven when I feel discouraged with the state of the world and want solutions. The meetings, courses, discussions and Telegram posts stimulate me with new information and inspire me to co-create a future for myself as a sovereign woman. And the best part is I pay a nominal fee to be part of a community of like-minded souls; I don’t have to do it alone!

                  – Dailaan of the family shaffer

We cannot recommend enough the amazing value of belonging to Life Force Canada as Private Members. For all men and women who are excited about living in your Sovereignty – this is the place to be. Here we have the opportunity not only to learn but to be given the tools and knowledge so that we can stay above the Line as everything is unfolding around us. Also, we have the opportunity to share our experiences and our growth in safety with a Love-minded community.
We look forward to you welcoming you in the Private.
                       – Carole & Clare of the family westmacott

I just wanted to reach out and just let you know, how much it means to me, to be a private member of Life Force Canada… I will quite simply say, this group has taught me so much I had no idea about! I have always felt, life seemed less than it could be, but laura-jane, karen, karen, have taught me how to innerstand it, and actually start now… to bring it into your life, everyday! I am so grateful to these 3 ladies, and all of their knowledge. I am so grateful to be a part of the private world of Life Force Canada, and the massive family we are becoming! Thank you ladies for teaching me how to access my power, and to learn to live, by knowing… no one, except our creator… is above, man and woman!!! 


Laurie of the family brown

This is not about being anti-government.

It’s about reclaiming your power. 

This is a complete shift in mindset and jurisdiction of authority.

Courses and trainings in our Private Member portal will prepare and assist you in any situation. A big part of your journey will be “DE-PROGRAMMING”  from the matrix.  

This involves educating government officials who think they have “authority” over you. There is a way to do this that allows you to express your sovereignty with dignity and respect.  

JOIN US Tuesday at 7 pm MT for our virtual Private Member meeting.

We provide tools, techniques, templates, support and action steps to free yourself from the matrix. We discuss topics of vital interest and importance to our members. Examples of topics include PMAs, Notice of Liability, Trusts, Claim of Right, Freedom Mindset Training, Natural Law and How to Discharge Debts.

Our intent is to simplify and bring clarity to the primary action steps that are required if you choose to express your sovereign power. We support you in moving beyond your fear, no matter where you are in your process of living in the private. 

If you have yet to sign up, please join us today. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. It is the optimism that fuels all affirmative change.


Join us and be a part of the solution!

Together we co-create the new earth.

One of love, connection, trust and freedom.

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