LIFe Force Canada

A Private Membership Association Alliance

The right of the people to peaceablY assemble

Our Vision is to support building our parallel society by creating an expansive Directory of intentional communities, towns and businesses with established lawful PMAs across Canada.

Our Purpose: is to minister to all who seek truth by providing and sharing knowledge and information, including practical application of life skills, experience, written documentation and facts.  This ministering of this knowledge and information supports the creation of new models for conducting and structuring our interactions and manifesting our existence through a lifelong interaction of spiritual ideals, community and nature.

Life Force Canada is creating bridges to a Parallel Society. 

We know that the only way to create a lawful parallel society is:   

One: Creating Intentional Communities/Towns (Resource Based Communities) 

Two: Having those intentional Communities create a Private Membership Community to exit the PUBLIC (government jurisdiction) domain by accepting the rights and responsibilities for themselves and their community and function within the PRIVATE domain. 

Three: Life Force Canada is creating a National and Provincial Directory of all the towns/communities and businesses who are functioning within a lawful PMA. This Directory will help allied private members locate and interact with each other within the private domain.

As a LFC Private Member you are consciously consenting to enter into a private contract with us, thus moving into the Private Domain.

With a PMA, we are placing Life Force Canada under private administration.  We agree to accept all the rights and responsibilities for the administration of this PMA, thus removing ourselves from any responsibilities or entitlements within the public domain.  This includes enforcement of any public government actions, mandates, rules or regulations.

LFC PMA neither requires nor seeks any authority or permission from any government for its creation or administration. The bottom line is, we are guided by our moral ethics and divine purpose.



Frequently Asked Questions



What is a Private Membership Agreement?

LFC Private Membership Alliance (“PMA”) is a private network and alliance to support sharing of knowledge, information, resources and products functioning within the private domain.

LFC Private Membership Alliance (PMA) places us together to conduct trade in the full protection of privacy.  A PMA allows you to have access to connect and create unlimited contracts within the alliance.

What is Natural Law?

Law – An existing condition that is both binding and immutable. Can not be changed by anyone or anything. 

Natural Law is set of Universal, inherent binding and unchangeable conditions which govern the behavioural consequence of all sentient beings.

Natural Law governs the collective free will and manifesting the consequences of the behaviours that we choose. The consequences are always dependent upon our chosen behaviours regardless of moral or immoral, in other words right or wrong. We all have free will in which behaviours we conduct, we are not insulated by the consequences of our choices. 

Natural Law is also known as Moral Law or the Golden Rule.

What is the Difference between Public and Private?

The Private Domain represents retention of authority over ourselves.  The public domain, aka the government, represents conceding to be administered by them. Thus, in the public domain we have agreed to follow their rules, regulations and laws.  For example, the medical system, the legal system, the education system and majority of businesses are doing business in the PUBLIC domain. There is nothing wrong with this; however federal, provincial, county and local governments regulate what is done, how it is done and they have the right to all your information in whatever form it takes.

All lawful private memberships operate within the private which is outside the jurisdiction of those same agencies, as long as members not subjected to clear danger of substantial evil that would shock a members moral and common sense.

What are my Unalienable Rights?

To learn more about your Unalienable Rights CLICK HERE

Who Can Create a Private Member Alliance with Life Force Canada?

Any lawful PMA in Canada that is in alignment with our vision and mission based on Natural Law. 

How Do You Define Trade within or between PMA's?

Trades of goods, services, knowledge, education, time, money and energy.  Businesses conducting themselves within the private domain are doing trade.

Can I work in Public and Private?

Yes, you can still have a business in the Public domain if you are a member in a PMA. If you are serving members in the PMA you must be operating only from your PMA capacity.  

What are the Benefits of a being a Member?

There are many benefits such as: 

One: Access to the LFC PMA Directory of allied lawful PMA’s across Canada.

Two: Members can choose to contract with other Alliance members and/or their businesses within Life Force Canada PMA Directory.

Three: Privately and freely exchange products and services with other PMA’s. We will affiliate with other PMA’S who are based in Natural law which means you will have access to any member health clinics, doctors, farmers, and business owners. 

Four: Be a part of growing and connecting your private intentional communities, towns and businesses aligned with the freedom movement.

Five: Unlimited access to our evolving On-line Resource Library.

Six: Receive discounts on workshops/courses or links to private products and services. 

Seven: Take what you Learn and Teach to Others

Eight: Promotion and support of your own online courses/workshops.

PLUS access to: 

The Sovran Shopping Club

The Life Force Canada Education Directory

The Health and Wellbeing Directory 

What Freedoms Will This Offer Me?

Every PMA within the LFC Private Alliance creates freedom at every level. Freedom includes the right of self-determination, home schooling, choice of suppliers of products and/or services, choice of lifestyle, food, drink and any right or freedom that does not infringe on the rights and freedoms of others or is a threat.

You will have the freedom of speech to share information and voice your opinions about anything that concerns you without censorship or interference.

Freedom to confidentially assemble with other ethical like-minded members to learn about setting up, administering and trading within the private domain.

Freedom of Self-determination based on access to all available information to help us make private decisions about our personal and family health, life, nutrition, therapies and wellness.

Freedom of Privacy and all of the unalienable human rights.

Who Do I Contact Once My PMA is Formed?

If you have a functioning lawful PMA that align with LFC’s principles and Natural Law please contact us at 

Private Membership Investment





Belonging to the people at large; relating to or affecting the whole people of the state, with governmental regulation.

Belonging to or for the use of one particular person or group of people. 

A rule of conduct or procedure established by agreement, or authority. You are the authority over your mind, body and soul. 

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