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Free Energy

Are you interested in connecting with others who are sharing old and new energy ideas and resources?  If so, join our Free Energy Group.


Support initiatives in protecting our environment and our water supply.


We are seeking anyone who is a Veteran or Police Officer who will assist in standing for the people and our rights.

Higher Learning

Are you passionate about creating an education system that teaches children and adults how to ignite their true potential?


No more bank fees. No more banks stealing your money. Learn more about the KIMS ( Key Integrated Monetary System) a new system for the people all over the world. A quantum system that is right and fair for all.


Share ideas and connect with others who are growing and supporting natural food sources. Restructuring of our food supply chain is key as much of our food we consume is dis-ease causing and has been created to dull the mind. We are seeking volunteers to establish and support a solid relationship with Farmers, Growers, Ranchers, and Processors, in supplying fresh nutritious natural food to the families of communities across Canada and help to support the transition of soil remediation and growing practices for production of naturally grown food.

Natural Law

We are stepping out of the legal system and into Natural Law – Do No Harm to Others.  Here you will learn how to reclaim your rights as a man/woman.

Health & Wellness

The pharmaceutical industry (the preparer of poison) has been created to disconnect us from our spirit and keep us trapped in the grips of drug addiction. We are seeking those who are passionate about stepping out of the “death culture” medical institutions and create healing centers, and any other resources to help humanity flourish.