Most people think that money is pursued, but in reality, it is NOT the case.  The controllers have had us believe that we need to work long hours, we need to work hard for money and this is not TRUE.

What brings money.. CREATIVITY and having an abundant mindset. Money is pure energy! Money is attracted to me even when I don’t work for it. It’s constantly flowing to me.

Money is a form of exchange for goods. Sure, we need the “piece of paper” in order to exchange, but that’s not all. Let me ask you a question, have you noticed that people who complain and have negative feelings toward money never have “enough” money?

Well, it’s 100% true! And the people who appreciate money and are always feeling grateful for it will always have more than enough and have it coming effortlessly, expectedly, and unexpectedly.

Source is Your Supplier

Are you aware of how many times you see things outside of yourself as your source of supply?

The truth is Source, Universe, God whatever name you choose.. is Your Supplier.  Not your job. Not other people. These are THE channels through which you receive that supply. Therefore, your results potential is limitless.

Those who have lots of money are abundant in money.  Those who have little money are abundant in the amount of space to realize money; in the opportunity to receive it.

Let me repeat… Everything outside of you; your jobs, your credit, your bills, your lifestyle, the economy, all of that is the platform for you to realize your abundance. And you will only align with it when you are energetically vibrating ABOVE THE LINE!

You are on the journey of letting of all stressful, fear-inducing thought patterns and step into a state of inner peace and abundance (which is then reflected in your outside world in the form of money and other blessings). This means that everything that is causing YOU stress is here to help YOU.  If your mortgage is causing you stress, the universe will remove your house so you don’t have to pay it. You are constantly manifesting through your emotional energy whether you are below the line or above the line.

Money is connected to CREATIVITY – to the Creator. You are here to wake up the creator within.

Since money is energy, our financial affairs tend to reflect how our life energy is moving. When your creative energy is flowing freely, often your finances are as well. If your energy is blocked, your money does too.

                                                                        – Shakti Gawain

When you are below the line you are not listening to the voice of your Higher Self. You are disconnected from SOURCE! The Source of Life Force energy.  You have cut yourself off energetically. This is why meditation ten minutes a day can bring greater awareness to where you are below the line or above the line,

Money does not make you happy. If that were true no rich person would ever commit suicide. It buys you what you need and offers comfort and security. You need to cultivate mental prosperity, emotional prosperity and spiritual prosperity in order to be happy.

You are the Key to Abundance 

True prosperity is not something you create overnight. In fact, it is not a fixed goal, a place where you will finally arrive, or a certain state that you will someday achieve. It is an ongoing process of finding fulfillment that continues to unfold and deepen throughout your life. 

Claim Your Worth – You have something Everyone Needs

You have skills, talents and knowledge that others need. I suggest you write a list of everything you love to do and begin at once to DO WHAT YOU LOVE.  Joy is the energy of manifestion.