Activate Us is presenting The BRIDGE Workshop starting Saturday, May 13th, 2023.

This is a two-day, online workshop for those who are ready to rebuild society out of the chaos we’re living through today.

  • Learn how The BRIDGE – a practical pathway to true sovereignty and abundance – can painlessly move us towards the type of society we already envision in our hearts and minds.
  • Mock up a “Cascade” – a network of community projects which collectively form a roadmap specific to your community.
  • Explore what resources your community already has, and how and when they may be used to navigate this transition most effectively.
  • Discussion time to have your specific questions answered.
  • Max 24 people per workshop so that everyone has opportunity to participate.

Date: Two consecutive Saturday mornings May 13th & May 20th 2023 

Time: 10 am – 1:00 pm  MDT

Max: 24 people per workshop so that everyone has an opportunity to participate.

Donation:  $150 per participant

Promo code is: LFC-BRIDGE which gives LFC members 20% off!

Registration, payment and full course information can be found here…


Please Note: If you are an existing action group of 6 or more people, please email to schedule a personalized workshop.