Cal Washington, founder of InPower, recently joined Life Force Canada for an enlightening conversation.

You can watch the interview at this link:

Cal shared his journey through the corrupt court systems and reminded us of some important facts:

  1. Canada is not a country – it is the Hudson Bay Company – the PIRATES – Merchants in Commerce!
  2. There is no Canadian Constitution
  3. Learn to Create Notice of Liability
  4. You do not need to claim your Birth Certificate – you can use it as an instrument.
  5. Do not vote as you are voting in the beast system.
  6. There is no parliament – The British North American Act creates parliaments and that got repealed in 1893 by Queen Victoria.

Cal Washington is the author of the ‘Notice of Liability’, a document to get out of contracts we have inadvertently agreed to. Go here to learn how to write a Notice of Liability

Cal guided us through his discovery of the commercial system that is running in the background worldwide. He explained how it works, and how the knowledge he learned enabled him to break free from the system. Not only did judges run from the court room and government officials resign; the Queen defaulted on her oath owing $300 million.

InPower (reclaim your authority) is a worldwide movement securing life, liberty, and property for all through accountability.

The InPower community is culturally, governmentally, and geographically diverse, but has a common bond: the need to have authority over one’s health and home.

The Notice of Liability

There are 4 different NoL’s:

  1. Trespass Technology (Smart Meters)
  2. Vaccinations
  3. Wireless Radiation 5G
  4. Geoengineering

The Commercial System

 Why it’s potentially very balanced & honorable – Why we’re kept in a bondage & bound contractually in numerous ways – The different jurisdictions: Statutes, Common Law, Law Merchant, Spiritual Realms, God – The underlying illusions we are all born into, e.g. borders, countries, authority, money, work, business – Commerce – the global system: Why countries are registered as corporations – Why the elite has to adhere to our Free Will and requires our agreements – Police as corporate policy enforcers Law Merchant: – The origins tracing back millennia – A very effective system always based on truth, agreement & biblical principles – How the ‘Law Merchant’ secretly merged into the main court system – How we unknowingly got turned into merchants – Dishonor: Why you lose at court when you argue or disagree – Why use conditional acceptance: ‘I’ll agree if you can prove it’ – Why a merchant will never put forth a false claim against another merchant – How to turn false claims around – Money: The blood of the system – Why judges know Law Merchant, but most lawyers don’t.  Nature of agreements: – 4 elements of a contract – Vaccinations are a commercial activity: Why there is no ‘force’ just selling – Tacit agreement: Silence taken as agreement – Why we have ongoing contractual relationships implied by the government – The ‘Notice of Liability’: InPower solution to stop global agendas! – Its effect & structure and the jurisdictions invoked – Why no knowledge about law is required The ‘bigger’ picture: – Spiritual jurisdiction: Why the bible is a contract & the elite accountable to it – Off planetary jurisdictions: Why the elite is bound to their rules – Why sin is debt and vice versa – The truth about weaponized agendas – Checkmate: How Cal defaulted the Queen – Why the elite is in dishonor and no longer has protection  – The last incarnation of the system.


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Canada is a Corporation

Join us at Life Force Canada and take the path to freedom by standing in your Truth. You are not alone!