2 Day Live Event

Calgary, Alberta

NEXT EVENT: March 9th &10th 2024

Freedom Thinkers and Freedom Lovers uniting under one roof this weekend in Calgary. 

Every mayor and every town or city council in Canada (all countries)  received the Municipality Primer in 1992 which paved the way to using climate change to justify the real agenda to converting cities, towns and municipalities into “Smart Cities”.  

If we do not stand up as a community and take the steps to conscious change, we are headed down a very destructive path where freedom no longer exists. The power is within YOU, in your community, at a local level!

We have two choices. Be ruled by a master who is choosing depopulation OR expand our knowledge and claim our own authority through natural law.  

We trust you will choose to join us at our 2 Day Weekend  – Sovereign Living Through Natural Law. 

This will be a high vibe event where you will walk away feeling confident, connected, recharged and most importantly UNSTOPPABLE!



I would recommend this course to anyone planning on living beyond 2023.  

– Ken D   Alberta 


This 2 Day Live Event will bring Men and Women Together to Create

Private Self-Governing Society through Natural Law.

There are two states we can be in this world: a sovereign or a slave! This is not about changing your status with the government. This is about mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically activating your inner power so you are prepared for the immense changes ahead.

Learning how to release your fears requires courage, fortitude and the choice to stand up for your unalienable rights. This task is much less daunting when you’re united with and supported by others of like mind.

“There is no power for change greater than a community

discovering what it cares about.” 

                                 — Margaret J. Wheatley

Our vision holds that man/womankind deserve the opportunity to cultivate liberation, and that all should have access to a community which supports their highest purpose.

Now is the time to create connected, conscious communities/towns that are free of external government control. Sovereign communities/towns are prosperous and strong. 

We provide tools, practical steps, templates and a supportive environment for men and women to liberate themselves.

“If harmony, true liberation and freedom is to be created

the first requirement is self-governance.”

                                 — Karen Klassen

This workshop is for those who want to take action and be a part of a future where free and resilient, women and men thrive. 

SOVEREIGN Living is a 2-Day live experience for men and women who are ready to reclaim their power and connect to their true prosperity. You are here to THRIVE.  Learn the basics of creating your sovereign community/town and how to live and work in the private. The only way through is uniting together with a common vision and taking action. 

There are two components to this 2 Day Event – Self-Governance and Community Sovereignty.  You must have the 7 Foundational Principles of Self-Governance in order to create a Sovereign Community. 

Principles of Self-Governance 

Know How To Play The Game


2 Day Event Details


Location: Once you register you will be given location details

 Day 1 –  9 am – 5 pm

Registration 8:30   Workshop start time 9 am Sharp

Here we explore the 7 Principles of Self-Governance

    • Discover The Foundation of our Reality – What the Elites Do Not Want You to Know
    • How The Birth Certificate Slave System Works
    • Create a Freedom Based Mindset and Live Above the Line
    • Learn the Language of Freedom Through Natural Law
    • Release Fear of Authority (Templates for what to say to Police/Judge) 
    • Define Your True Value and the Skills You Can Offer in Community

     Day 2 – 9 am – 5 pm

    We explore ways to  Know How to Play The Game

    • Move your Business and Community into the Private Domain
    • You are a Creditor Not a Debtor – Release All Debt.
    • How to Use and Apply Contract Law –  You Have Made Contracts You Are Unaware of
    • Creating Notice of Liabilities to put forward your Claims – Practice! Practice! Practise!

    The Benefits of Taking the Course

    Up-level Your Knowledge and Confidence:  You will know how to stand up for yourself. You claim your own authority. YOU ARE WORTHY AND PROSPEROUS!

    Independence: Blocking any and all intrusion from the Public sector unlawful government control such as mandates, bylaws, statues and regulations.

    Assume and Maintain Controlbegins with you being confident in your own sovereign authority and is applied as the community unites in peaceful non-compliance. 

    Securing and Protecting Individual & Community Rights – It shall be unlawful for any corporation to engage in any form of development on your private land, that directly or indirectly impacts on your community’s man-made or natural environment, in any manner, without the fully informed and expressed consent of the members of your community.

     Meet Your Facilitators


    Karen Klassen

    Karen Klassen is Co-founder of Life Force Canada, here to remind men and women to step into their true sovereign power and live life on their own terms. Karen has been a Breakthrough Coach, Facilitator and owner of Imagine Seminars for over 20 years. She believes we are in a transformational time and it is up to each and every one of us to learn how to “Live Above The Line” for it is the only way forward if we want to live in freedom, love, truth and prosperity. 

    Laura-Jane Coté

    Laura-Jane is a Life Force Canada Trustee and creator and facilitator of the Founders PMA course. She has extensive background in coaching, one-on-one and group facilitation, teaching, leadership development and empowerment through passion. She is also a published writer and has studied a number of disciplines and special interests in Canada and the US.

    Laura-Jane has a background in management within the public service, nursing, energy medicine, designing educational software. 

    What Men and Women Are Saying About the Weekend Course

    We learned so much this weekend and enjoyed the progression of the course from individual sovereignty to building sovereign communities.  A great resource for us to continue building our local community.

    Ken and Annett


    Karen & Laura-Jane, I cannot thank you enough. I came into this course with very little knowledge and left with a wealth of information and resources. From learning to “Live Above the Line” and knowing my values, to how to speak in court with authority. The Natural law and steps to setting up your community were invaluable. I look forward to many more courses with you. Thank you for showing my my true sovereign worth.

    ~ Brandy


    An eye opening experience in the details for good men and woman on their journey to creating strong sovereign communities. This course gave us the tools and processes needed for success and growth. Exceptional! Thank you!

    ~ Elwyn


    What an eye opener! Karen and Laura-Jane are enthusiastic, inspiring and organized. Tons of great information, resources and practical tips to help us journey into a sovereign community based life. Thank you!  

    ~ Angela


    This was a very inspirational course. I would recommend this weekend to all those who are aware. 

    ~ Wes


    The SCLC is a unique course offered by dedicated women, teaching from the heart with a view of providing important tools and skills as we transition into an uncertain future. 

    ~ Stephen 


    Information that EVERYONE needs to know and understand.

    ~ Terry 


    The knowledge I gained this weekend was incredibly valuable to me for my journey. PLUS, I met men/women who are of the same mind and willing to share their knowledge and friendship. It was an honour to spend this time here. 

    ~ Lynn


    Just keep moving forward and informing others.

    ~ Randy


    Very informative. These women are very intelligent and know what they are talking about.

    ~ Rob 


    Great way to start to your path of reaching sovereignty and living above the line.

    ~ Brent


    Remember, JOY is the catyast to manifestation.

    You are here to manifest a beautiful and prosperous future. 

    Please ensure you can attend both dates as each module is a pre-requisite for the next one.


    March 9th & 10th 2024

     Value $999

    Your investment Only $297.00

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    You may pay via email transfer to karen@karenklassen.ca  Please type in the Notes section that your payment is for the Sovereign Living Workshop 

    A training manual will be provided at the workshop.