The Freedom Movement needs more facilitators who are also excellent communicators!

People are starting to wake up to the reality we live in, and they are hungry for knowledge. 

Learn how to speak and lead with passion and purpose, even as you continue to develop your message is. 

Join us July 13 & 14 2024

Live (not on zoom) in Calgary Alberta

(will not be recorded)

Only 20 12 Seats Available

What’s involved this building-block, experiential experience?

  • This is a transformative weekend of guided, experiential practice in speaking authentically and in learning to facilitate smoothly and powerfully—from whatever level you bring to the table. Wherever you are on the continuum from experienced and skilled to terrified and just starting out…you will move to the next level.
  • co-created SAFE space to experience your edges, get comfortable, speaking on the spot, and become a confident “YES!” speaker and facilitator. Imagine feeling so good that when asked to speak or facilitate, you can confidently say, “I’ve got this!”
  • You will receive WISDOM NUGGETS sprinkled throughout the two days, based on what emerges throughout the workshop.

  • FUN! You heard us…so much fun…and connection

  • Practical Exercises that give you experience with elements drawn from the following:

Day 1 – Speaking:

      • Presence
      • The importance of Dynamics
      • Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Gustatory (VAKG) Modalities
      • Embodiment
      • The PREP Formula– a way to structure any talk simply, clearly, and powerfully
      • Storytelling
      • Listening
      • Connecting with, and creating rapport with your audience
      • Timing– shrinking and expanding time

By the way, if you attended the online zoom one-day workshop with Bill and Esther previously, this live Calgary workshop will be an entirely different uplevel!

Day 2 – Facilitating:

      • The purpose of leadership
      • Exploring the art and act of leading
      • The practical elements
      • How do I identify and evolve as a leader?
      • The conscious and unconscious drivers that every leader must know
      • Putting yourself in others’ shoes
      • Dealing with conflict and different communication styles
      • Just being ‘in charge’ vs. Ethical leadership

How Will You Benefit?

  • Significant increase in confidence to speak your heart.
  • A powerful, positive model to organize your thoughts and your presentations.
  • Frameworks and systems to comprehend and engage with those in your circles…and beyond.
  • Ease in linking thoughts, words, and delivery in powerful and effortless ways.
  • Exploring boundaries and barriers…and expanding skills to navigate different communication styles.
  • Each participate will have many opportunities to practice over the 2 days.
  • …and amazing food with phenomenal people…for SUCH a deal !

Where? Live and physically face-to-face (yay!) at the Life Force Canada Centre in Calgary. Once you have signed up you will receive an email with the address and all the information

When?  Saturday and Sunday July 13 &14 2024

Time  9am – 5:00pm MDT  

A delicious organic vegetarian lunch will be provided both days

Meet Your Faciliators  

Esther of the Sarlo family

As a passionate advocate for clear, authentic communication, Esther is an entrepreneur, facilitator, speaking coach, speaker, and writer who consistently captures the essence of an idea and translates it into crisp, accessible language…with heart. Her rich and eclectic background in Sales, Event Management, Writing & Editing, Youth and Family Counselling, Movement, Musical Performance, and MC’ing provides the bedrock for her dedication to helping people live—and speak—their most authentic lives.

Founder and CEO of Mynd Myself and a Connector Extraordinaire, Esther brings a warm, compelling invitation, a fresh perspective, and an insightful understanding to the table. With a compassionate and engaging presence, she weaves intuition and grounded wisdom to shine light into shadowy places.

A deep connection to body-mind-spirit, a sense of humour, and an ongoing commitment to her own personal evolution inform Esther’s style and delivery. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for life create safety and calm while inviting you to step directly into your own magnificence…and unleash new possibilities for confidence and creativity.

Bill of the Chalmers family

As an author and highly sought-after speaker, seminar leader, facilitator, strategist, and corporate coach, Bill has gained the respect of business and not-for-profit communities with his resourceful insight into the communication dynamics of organizational structures. Bill speaks with substance, brilliance, and sometimes frightening candor—always with his clients’ best interests at heart.

Building on over five decades of successful entrepreneurial ventures in Land Development, Construction, Real Estate, Retail, Manufacturing (food, fabricating, systems, and others), Packaging and People Delivery, Bill dedicates himself to making a difference in the arenas of Leadership, Transformational Change, Strategic Planning and Management, and Authentic Communication here and across the globe.

Bill’s irreverent humour, open generosity, and inspirational charisma are foundations for his delivery of over-the-top results with clients and colleagues alike. Alive with infectious energy, common-sense practicality, and caring insight, Bill’s compelling and genuine big-picture approach invites people to exceed their expectations and achieve new heights of satisfaction, joy, and peace.

What students had to say about the course

“Not a month goes by where I don’t use some of the skill, confidence, and advice I got through Stand & Deliver. Aside from formal speaking, there are so many everyday moments where what I learned helps me out, making it one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

TS, Designer/ Photographer/Writer, Vancouver

“I think of you every time I get in front of a group of people.  I have so much more confidence than I ever did before and I’m still “scriptless”!!! Thanks for giving me the freedom to speak from my heart.”

SR, HR Consultant, Vancouver

Ester and Bill’s “Stand and Deliver” is an excellent class for anyone who wants to develop confidence in public speaking.  In an encouraging environment, you are taken through a series of exercises, firstly one on one, and then to the larger group.  You learn to connect to an audience by realizing they want to hear what you have to say and are interested in your message.  And the best part is that it’s done in the context of the values of Sovereignty and Freedom.  Inspiring!

Lynn, Calgary

“This workshop brings up the heart and grit of how to really communicate—not just in presentations…but in life. How amazing to be able to leverage simple tools for life!”

JY, Vancouver

Only 20 12 Seats Available 

Note: The regular cost for a two-day workshop from Bill and Esther starts at $695 per participant.

This is a special introductory offer for Life Force Canada members!

Your Investment

$333 includes lunch both days

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© 2024 Life Force Canada | All Rights Reserved

© 2024 Life Force Canada | All Rights Reserved