We know the government systems, and the corporate systems will all be collapsing and it is time for us to prepare ourselves for a new way of living. Freedom only OCCURS when ONE has a foundation of SELF- RESPONSIBILITY.

There are many communities,  businesses, and freedom movements that are creating Private Member Associations so that they are not subject to the mandates and health regulations created by the government. This is why we are educating our members to step out of the public domain (government/corporation/superficial jurisdiction) and into the private domain.

The dark controllers of this realm, do not want you to discover the PMA because they will no longer have control over you. They want to keep telling you what to do, to only listen to them, to ONLY BE FUNDED BY THEM and if you don’t, they make threats.

That is NOT the way to sovereignty.

The controllers have created the BELIEF that we are insignificant, and that YOU NEED THEM, which ALLOWS for MIND Control. They dangle the carrot and endlessly string you along whereas you need to be cultivating your OWN PATH to sovereignty. Remember, WE are the BENEFICIARIES. WE are BRILLIANT men and women, and as we begin listening to our own inner guidance, our Higher Self, SOURCE will lead the way THROUGH the maze.

Private Member Association is a PATH WAY out of the jurisdictions of control. It allows for a HIGHER LEARNING in HOW to take back your POWER. It is about living the principles and guidelines offered under Natural Law which allows you to do trade with other communities and members.

There is NO ONE HERE to save us. WE need to save ourselves. Become a PRIVATE member today! Join Life Force Canada – A Private Sovereign Association.