“Canada” is NOT a Country. It is a corporation. We live in a land called Canada, and each Province is separate state.

In a democracy, the people are the government.  Canada is not, in fact, a true democracy. Today, we elect corrupt politicians to run the government for us, yet these politicians serve the exclusive few. Career politicians do not run the country in the interest of the people; they run it in the interest of themselves and those they chose to serve. We are raised with the belief that we should put our trust in those we put into power, the politicians. This results in we, the people, ignorantly handing over our power to the elected officials to create laws that are suppose to protect and serve us. The consequence is a severe imbalance of power.  The “elites” and self-serving politians who control our government argue that the people are neither qualified nor smart enough to be trusted to make laws.

The time has come where their ineffective and controlling ways are being questioned as the truth emerges. 

However, the actual decisions that determine the lives of the majority of people in this country are in fact, not made in the House of Commons or even 24 Sussex Drive. Eighty-five per cent of the Canadian economy is controlled by top banks and corporations in FOREIGN LANDS. These are the ones who decide whether you’ll have a job, what you will buy, and your level of living standard. ~ Arash Azizi

Our History is a Lie!

We have been kept ignorant of the truth about the corporation the we are serving.  Illiterate has expanded beyond those who cannot read and write to include those who can unaware of or unwilling to realize the lies that all have been fed as the truth.

Canada was a colony controlled by the British until December 12, 1931, when the Statute of Westminster was passed and Canada on December 11, 1931 and it became an independent nation.

“Under the Statute [of Westminister], nations were granted the freedom to pass their own laws without the consent of British Parliament, and Britain was no longer able to void or alter laws made in its Dominions. Dominions were also free to amend and repeal their own laws, including ones already in existence. In addition, laws passed by the British government would no longer extend to the Dominions unless the Dominion wished to adopt it. The governments of each Dominion now held the power to build their own legislation without British interference.”

(Source:  https://www.canadashistory.ca/explore/politics-law/canada-s-declaration-of-independence )

This 1931 statute meant that Canadians were independent and now free to create their own laws and decide on how to govern themselves. The people at the time did not realize their opportunity to exercise their inherent right to choose what form of government they wanted.  The Canadian government did not inform the people of this fact.  Instead, the people were kept in the dark about their independence as a free and sovereign country. Why? By keeping the people in ignorance, the ruling politicians unlawfully gave themselves the authority to continue as if there had been no break in legal continuity.  It was not in their best interest to have the people realize they were free and could create a new law and decide on how they wanted to govern themselves.  This injustice prevails to present day.

Many people are realizing that the Canadian history being taught and perpetuated is a lie, a story created by those in power to retain that power. We were wrongly taught that this government is the authority that we agreed to it after we became a sovereign nation

Without consent of the people, all governments have been unlawful since Dec 12, 1931.

In 1982 Pierre Elliot Trudeau presented the Constitution Act to make governments lawful. He proclaimed that this statute was now the Constitution Act, an Act granting the government all the power and no power to the people. The Canadian people never ratified or approved of Trudeau’s document so the government does not have the peoples’ consent of the governed.

Canada’s so-called constitution is a big lie! Canada has an Act. Why? Because Canada is a corporation and corporations cannot have constitutions.   Their corporate # is 0000230098. Canada 0000230098 is not a nation but a corporation, traded on the stock market!  It is registered as a FOREIGN entity and it is time to dissolve the corporation. You can check it out at https://sec.report/CIK/0000230098

Governments are merely service corporations just like McDonalds!

Governments only have power because the people have given their power away.  We have unalienable rights as sovereign men and women.

Many people think Canada has a lawful Charter of Rights and Freedoms to protect the people.  Not true. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms created in 1982 has never been sanctioned therefore, it is not in effect and not applicable to the people. In addition, Charters are designed to protect Corporations not those who serve them.  This is why the government has been free to poison our land, water, food, and air for decades and war against its people. Our government never had the authority to pass any bills into law yet they knowingly created and fooled the people to accept their unlawful actions. 

And if that doesn’t ignite the fire, did you know Revenue Canada is also an offshore company? Not even Canadian. All your hard-earned money goes to the Crown which is under the Vatican. They have been stealing what is rightfully yours for far too long.  Where do they tell us their authority comes from? According to Wikipedia on the topic of taxation in Canada it states:  “In order for a tax to be validly imposed, it must meet the requirements of s. 53 of the Constitution Act, 1867, but the authority for such imposition may be delegated within certain limits.”  Note: The Constitution Act that was replaced by the non ratified Charter of 1982.

Many of us are questioning the very existence of our government.  Do we benefit from or really need a government? The resounding answer is No!  We do not need to wait for Trudeau and his controllers to tell us what we can and cannot do.  Their agenda has nothing to do with serving the people of Canada, it’s all about controlling the people so they continue to profit off us.  Government, as it exits, is parasitic and needs to be exterminated.  The time is now for the people rise up and remember that each and every individual is their own power. 

This system was designed this way to keep the people ignorant of the TRUTH.  We need to stop trying to change their system!  We, the people need to take over the driver seat.  We need the people to step up and create their own self-governance system,   a parallel system based on Natural Law that recognizes and upholds the inalienable rights of every man, woman and child.

Life Force Canada is doing this. We have created our PLAN Councils in every province, with the intention that all towns and counties are/will create their own sovereign Councils. The outcome will be the people uniting in sovereignty and reclaiming their birthrights.

Truth, the people do not need a constitution to create a parallel structure. All we need is to know and live in accordance with Natural Law.  All we need to do is step out of their PUBLIC system and create a private membership association for each town. This becomes our morale code that applies to every living man/ woman.  Natural Law surpasses any de facto laws.

We unknowingly gave custody to our government to take over our life back in 1931. We are now aware of this deceit and are ready to reclaim our status and power.  This means letting go of everything the politicians and greedy corporate leaders created.  It is time to focus our energies on creating a new parallel structure for the people by the people to bring back the power to our towns and communities.

We are not here to take over the corrupt government system. We are co-creating a self-governing structure where each town and province stands on their own and voluntarily unites as a country.  We do not need a controlling federal government, provincial government or politicians.  You, the people, need to recognize the power you have to create prosperity and freedom in your own towns, communities and cities. You Are The Power!  

Time to Create Your PLAN Council and get Activated!


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Mark Christopher