Sovereignty (n):   mastery of oneself, connection to one’s soul, to Source, to the Creator, to Life Force Energy. 

The most simple definition that can be stated is that a sovereign is a soul that reigns over the body. A sovereign is also one who takes their life into their own hands: their health, their freedom, business, affairs, home and consequences of their actions are all theirs to own. Self-responsibility is paramount for any sovereign. This also means that the defence of a man/woman, property, rights and freedoms are the soul-responsibility of the sovereign man or woman.

Sovereignty is a path to self-governance which means you are taking steps to being self-responsible and self-reliance. Self-reliant is when you are no longer reliant on government programs or systems that control you or keep you hooked into the control matrix. Unfortunately, many do not have the emotional or mental maturity as yet to act in the highest accord due to unhealed traumas.

Let’s start at the beginning.

We were born into slavery in a very corrupt system and the time is now where we are waking up and saying, “I have had enough of the lies”.

The journey to Sovereignty is underway right now in many countries. It is a very exciting time to be alive. The path to sovereignty is not about taking action by going to court and proving your sovereignty. You do not want to play in their sandbox as it is rigged against you, especially if you do not know how the system works. There is an enormous amount of corruption in the juridical system.

This article is more about learning and preparing yourself to reclaiming your sovereignty.

When you Align with Creator Laws you are Sovereign.

The human slavery (debt) system has perpetrated a great theft on humanity. It is the theft of our LIFE FORCE Energy. The corrupt systems have been and are stealing our life force energy.  What this means is we have been trapped in a corrupt system that has us programmed to focus on, “How am I able to pay the bills?”

The TRUTH is you are a CREDITOR and NOT a DEBITOR. You are more powerful than you have been lead to believe.

Being sovereign is based in what is known as Natural Law. We are not here to establish our sovereignty but rather to return to it. One of the biggest lies there is, is the idea that Kings and Queens are the Sovereigns and that we need Kings and Queens to rule over us. The queen is not the sovereignty. The truth is, every living man and living woman is the true SOVEREIGN. Standing in your sovereignty is going from fear to fearless.

Sovereign Being: One’s own ruler, master of one’s self, having control over one’s own life.

Self-governance – one who is responsible for their words, emotions, actions and  behaviours.   . 

When you identify as a person, a citizen or a resident you are not in your sovereignty. Those words are connected to the birth certificate system which has enslaved you into a fictional ALL CAPS name so that everything you register or sign for, you do not own. Being Sovereign is about making a conscious decision to step out of the public (government) jurisdiction and stepping onto the path of accepting and embodying the highest version of yourself.  Without individual sovereignty you are a slave. 

This is a journey and it is not an easy one as many on this earth plane have forgotten who they are. They have given up their rights and follow an authority outside of themselves. Why? Because many of us grew up with parents or primary caregiver telling us what to believe and DO rather than asking us, what do you believe, what do you feel and what do you want to do? Approximately 90% of our childhood experience was adults teaching, directing, and molding us.

It is our responsibility as a species to blaze our own trail under Natural law — claiming our right to be free, and standing under no other. We are coming together to dream the liberation of humanity and take inspired action that benefits all. Sovereignty is a state of mind.

We need to take responsibility for the healing and re-education of our own people as we stand strong in the face of the corruption.

We are throwing off the bonds of enslavement by encouraging and supporting the rise and spirit of freedom. For many, the answers do not come easily.  As we move through the transition we will all go through a recovery process where we will be offering the tools for the healing required.

Take Steps to Unplug From the Matrix 

Letting go of all government programs is path we are on. You are here to stand on your own two feet. You do not need a master. You have great skills and talents that may be buried. It is time to bring these to the surface and trust in your own creativity and the power to manifest prosperity and health. A great starting point is to ask yourself two very important questions. The next time you sit in meditation ask yourself,

“Who AM I and What is My Purpose?”

You came to this earth to create! It is time to sit and reflect on the life your heart and soul desire to live. It is time to focus on the things you have always wanted to do that is in alignment with your deepest truth and create the life you know you are here to live. 

Sovereigns Honour The Land 

You are the heir of creation. We ALL are! Every man and woman is responsible for the land we have inherited. Sovereigns declare to have a lawful responsibility to the earth to defend her rights and her natural resources.