Your Birth Certificate is Used to Take Away Your Natural Rights

The dark lords who control the legal system enslave you shortly after your mother gave birth to you. Shortly after you were born, your parents signed a birth certificate with a legal name associated to you. When they did this, they registered you with the Crown Corporation allowing its employees to create a trust under your legal name, turning you into a corporate slave to be used in commerce. 

In other words, you are a debt slave making money for the banks under the full faith and credit of the Canadian Corporation through your life birth record that was converted into your birth certificate that was converted into a bond by the Government and is selling on the stock market as you read this.

Here is how the scam works

When your mother arrives at a hospital she is rolled into the birthing ward and then delivers you ( the baby), and your live birth is recorded.  Your mother is then handed a stack of paperwork to fill out and in the nurse manual it reads, “This is just to register your baby with the province.” 

No one tells the mother about the terms or conditions of the contract. Meanwhile, she is under duress, she is under the influence of painkillers, she is not even legally able to sign a contract and signs as an informant.

The definition of an informant is when someone gives up someone to another by giving up title and equity to the state, which forms the doctrine of parent of the child. This means the state is now the parent. The state can take away your child and sell it. 

Many people are confused and think that the Birth Certificate Bond is something wonderful, a resource that they can seize upon to pay their bills, etc., but this is not true. You don’t have a birth certificate bond. A Municipal citizen  — a legal “PERSON” operating under your name, has a birth certificate bond. And that bond, which allows THEM to exist and to operate, is no good news for THEM, either. Technically, it’s a Performance Bond guaranteeing that the Municipal PERSONS will be good little TAXPAYERS and pay their debts. The Municipal PERSON (conveniently named after you) is the Slave, the Pope is the owner of the Slave-PERSON, and you are the Overseer, responsible for the Slave’s Performance. The Pope names you his “Authorized Representative”. If the Slave doesn’t perform, you go to jail.  Are you beginning to get the drift here? It’s an institutionalized Con Game based on principles of Black Magic. The Municipal citizen, the PERSON named after you, is a “poppet” used like a voodoo doll. And it is all run and enforced under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.
                                                 – Anna von Reitz

When your mother unwittingly signs the paperwork allowing this transaction and the use of your name to create a new Municipal citizen, they accept the Birth Certificate in return. This creates a private contract, which is the only way that the government can get away with this scam.

Shortly after birth, you received a social insurance number (a corporate Tagging and Tracking number) for which you can conduct trade and commerce.

And YOU are now a business by your legal fiction STRAWMAN ID name.  

Your legal fiction strawman name that is in all capital letters on all government documents proves you are a STRAWMAN, STRAW MAN, (unnatural, commerce, corporate, corporation, made-up fiction, and legal fiction corporation) name that represents your government trust account, that was assigned to you at birth with your birth certificate and social insurance Tagging and Tracking number. This is why the CANADA on your marriage, birth certificate, etc. as well as your name, is printed in all CAPITAL LETTERS.

Your Strawman trust account money that was created from your birth certificate and Social Insurance tagging and tracking Number that the government is holding for you in your reserve trust account, is being given away to the banks every time you sign your signature on a contract.  

You are here to be a living MAN OR WOMAN by removing yourself from the Public Jurisdiction (STRAWMAN) and crossing the bridge into the Private where you were born – your original domain. 

The Strawman Video Explains How the Birth Certificate System works

Disclaimer: The opinions in this article are just that – opinions, we are not claiming this to be the absolute truth, just a perspective we felt relevant to share.  Do your own Research and Discernment and have a Clear Understanding before you leap.

© 2023 Life Force Canada | All Rights Reserved

© 2023 Life Force Canada | All Rights Reserved